Indulge in Well-Being with Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

The Resort offers a series of well-designed experiences that allow guests to connect with Thailand’s rich cultural landscape and its depth of traditional wellness heritage
Koh Samui, Thailand

Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui gives guests a "Reason to…" dedicate quality time to well-being. At the Resort, guests can explore the many facets of well-being through day-long programs. “When was the last time you spent a whole day preparing for deep sleep? Or paused your dizzying routine for that much-needed session of pampering?” quizzes Kotchaphan Mekloy, Director of Spa at The Secret Garden Spa. From deep, nourishing treatments and restful sleep, to luxurious pampering and active play, guests can indulge in a combination of Resort experiences, spa therapies and dining through four unique programmes designed to suit individual wellness preferences.

“These programs have been inspired by a core foundational wheel that transcribes a healthy body and mind – from a good night’s sleep, through an active day, to personal nourishment and of course, a little pampering. Each of these experiences have their own unique identity; guests can choose the experience that fulfils their own personal reason to indulge in their well-being,” explains Kotchaphan.

  • Reason to Nourish - This sequence of experiences is aimed at replenishing lost reserves of health and energy. Handpicked spa treatments await guests: a rejuvenating body scrub, a healing wrap and a scalp massage with warm coconut oil, made from freshly plucked Samui coconuts. A private session is yoga and the art of juicing using fresh tropical ingredients is interspersed with six power-packed mini-meals through the day.
  • Reason to Sleep - The day of bliss begins with a session of flow yoga, uniting breath and movement. A Lava Shell Massage ensues, where perfectly warmed Pacific clam shells provide muscular relief. The preparation for a restful night continues with an hour of meditation, followed by a luxurious candlelit bath in the privacy of the villa, and a relaxing shoulder and neck, feet or head massage. Breakfast in bed the next morning completes this experience of soul-deep relaxation.
  • Reason to Pamper - This good old-fashioned pampering will help guests relax and recharge through a series of luxurious experiences, starting with breakfast in bed. The indulgence continues at The Secret Garden Spa with a 3-hour-long Earth to Sky Ritual. This fragrant and cocooning top-to-toe treat includes a nourishing scrub, a massage combining pressure point and gentle stretching techniques, and steam compress filled with local Thai medicinal herb. Guests can savour herbal infusions and refreshing high tea comprising bite-sized wraps, rolls and skewers in the breezy open-air terrazzo of the Spa.
  • Reason to Play - Featuring activities that inspire and refresh, this experience allows guests to rediscover their sense of possibility and adventure. The morning begins with guided exercises at the gym or on the beach, while the afternoon is dedicated to learning Muay Thai, the ancient Thai art of kickboxing. Guests can enjoy a healthy lunch between activities, and cap off the day with a blissful Magnesium massage, known to release muscular tension and enhance sleep.

With its palm-fringed beaches, dense coconut groves and imposing rainforests, Koh Samui is a breath-taking tropical haven for those who visit its shores. Also known as a preferred wellness destination, the island is home to a diverse community of wellness practitioners. For those looking to enhance their well-being and discover a more sustainable wellness regimen, the Resort offers many restorative experiences from a host of practitioners. “Our well-being sessions will help you learn to breathe properly, strengthen your body, re-align with your nervous system and find an inner calm. Our yogic practitioners, through their years of expertise in balancing mind, body and soul, deliver a well-rounded and transformative experience that you may continue to build upon,” add Kotchaphan.

The setting, ambience and experiences at the Resort serve as natural inspiration for holistic well-being. “We hope to create an environment that nurtures positivity and healing,” shares Alessandro Baccerelli, Resort Manager. “Our aim is to inspire guests to invest in their well-being and take back a healthy body and mind from their stay with us.”