Langkawi’s Top 10 for Families, by Four Seasons


Langkawi, Malaysia

With its spectacular tropical setting and range of exciting activities, Four Seasons Resort Langkawi offers a vast open-air playground for kids and adults alike. Embark on a series of family-friendly adventures to discover a new culture and immerse in the wonders of nature, leaving you refreshed and reconnected. Return home with precious memories (and photographs!) that make you smile for years to come.

With thoughtful facilities and trained experts on hand, every experience at Four Seasons is hassle-free and thoroughly enjoyable. As Azfar Jaafar from the Adventure Team explains, “The secret to the fun is that we love all the activities, too!”

Make the most of your stay with these Top 10 Activities for Families, curated by the Resort team:

1. Mangroves and Eagles Safari. Hop into a boat with our Adventure Team and set off to explore mysterious mangrove jungles between land and sea. Young explorers will love meeting the various inhabitants of Kilim Karst Geoforest Park – majestic eagles, mischievous monkeys, fish that “walk” and sleepy bats.

2. Rumah Ikan Fish House. At the far end of the Resort’s pristine beach, time stands still. Spend the afternoon with our Adventure Team, at a traditional fish house on stilts. Experience old-school methods of fishing, a fascinating process involving a structure of wooden splints and a dip in the sea. Don’t forget to take a sunset selfie together!

3. Watersports. Borrow kayaks, windsurfs or catamarans and get out on the water for a splashy, refreshing adventure. Or join the Resort’s talented instructors for lessons in wakeboarding and windsurfing.

4. Lesang Batu Cooking School. Take a break from the sun with an interactive, family-style cooking class. Put on your chef’s hats to learn Malaysian cooking – a unique style that brings together tongue-tingling flavours from all over Malaysia, China and India.

5. Rock Climbing and Archery. A 39 foot (12-metre) natural limestone outcrop at the Resort provides the perfect spot for rock-climbing and abseiling. Kids as young as five can happily scramble up and down up to a height of 16 feet (5 metres), under the watchful guidance of experienced staff. Teens can also head to the archery range to pick up the basics of using a bow and arrow.

6. Jalan Jalan Nature Walk. Wander the sprawling Four Seasons grounds with an experienced naturalist, who helps you spot your fellow residents at the Resort: wide-eyed dusky leaf monkeys, iconic hornbills and shy monitor lizards.

7. Kawan Club Games Room. A family that plays together, stays together! Try your hand at table tennis, take your seats for an extended Monopoly battle, or simply relax over your favourite card games.

8. Family Tennis. Work up a sweat with a friendly game at the on-site tennis court. Sharpen your skills as you practice serving and volleying with an instructor, or simply enjoy a leisurely session.

9. Sunset Picnic at the Beach. Spend the most magical hour on the Resort’s mile-long (1.6 kilometre) pristine beach with your loved ones. Blankets on the soft sand, a picnic basket of delectable goodies and ethereal sunset views - this cocoon of bliss will have you celebrating the spirit of togetherness.

10. Family Yoga. Flexibility, strength and relaxation shouldn’t be reserved for adults alone. That’s why Four Seasons invites our youngest guests to stretch out with our very own yogi. In a hour-long program, our yoga expert teaches traditional techniques in a playful, simple and fun way for your children between the ages of 5 and 12.