Hornbills, Macaques and More: Wildlife Talks at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Discover the wondrous wildlife of Langkawi, guided by Four Seasons

Langkawi, Malaysia

Explorers of all ages can now learn more about local wildlife at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi with Wildlife Talks led by Chief Naturalist Aidi Abdullah. These sessions introduce guests to the fascinating birds and animals that reside in the lush tropical grounds of the Resort.

Flanked by ancient rainforests, dramatic limestone cliffs and the azure Andaman Sea, Four Seasons Resort Langkawi immerses guests in the astonishing natural wonders of Langkawi. Nestled within the UNESCO Global Geopark, these verdant 48-acre (19 hectare) grounds are home to several monkeys and more than 46 avian species.

Hosted at the Resort’s Geopark Discovery Centre, the Wildlife Talks will focus on these fascinating island residents, from vibrant hornbills to dusky leaf monkeys and long tailed macaques. Each session will include visual displays and interactive discussions.

“We are located in one of the most diverse tropical ecosystems on the planet, going back over 550 million years,” explains Aidi. “It is incredible to witness a hornbill in flight or spot a pair of monkeys hiding among leafy branches. Knowing more about these creatures deepens the experience, connecting you more closely with the world of nature.”

As an official Langkawi Geopark Ambassador and keen photographer, Aidi is a wonderful guide to the island’s flora and fauna. He has played an instrumental role in bringing about several positive changes for the UNESCO Global Geopark, including lowering of boat speeds to reduce carbon emissions and oil spills, as well as an annual mangrove planting exercise. “When it comes to nature conservation, you are really protecting the future,” he says.

Guests can also join experienced Four Seasons naturalists for a more active exploration of surrounding habitats, from the Resort’s impressive rock-climbing outcrop to the mysterious mangroves and towering sea stacks that lie just minutes away by boat.