Ready to Dive? 5 Tips to Become a PADI Diver in No Time


Maldives at Kuda Huraa, Republic of Maldives

Whether you’re a waterbaby or a nervous beginner, the PADI 5 Star Dive Centre at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa goes the extra mile to ensure every guest feels confident and happy. Relaxed, private courses in a safe, shallow lagoon feature quality equipment and exemplary professional care as standard. While our team takes care of all the little things, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you’re dive-ready:

1. Stay in tip-top shape

Diving puts increased demands on the body – including the heart, lungs and muscles – so looking after your overall wellbeing is important. From a HIIT class in the gym to cycling, swimming, yoga, running or dancing, Kuda Huraa’s PADI Master Instructor Ibrahim Nazeer recommends choosing the exercise that makes you feel good and sticking to a regular practice. And it’s not just physical health that counts; why not tag a bit of meditation on to the end of your workout? Staying calm, deep breathing, and attuned awareness are all useful tools for divers.

2. Learn the theory on the beach, at home, or wherever you’ve got Wi-Fi

One of the best things about learning to dive with Four Seasons Kuda Huraa is the home study. Rather than spending precious diving time on-site tackling the theory part of the course, the Resort’s instructors support guests to complete it prior to arrival from the comfort of home (or wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection), leaving guests free to head straight into the water upon arrival at the Resort.

3. Just bring your cozzie and a sense of adventure

Feel a bit overwhelmed over all the equipment you need for diving? Worry not, Kuda Huraa has got you covere.! Everything you could possibly need to dive is provided on site: Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), regulator, normal air and/or Nitrox, 3mm shorty wetsuit, mask, fins, and computer. Safety equipment such as reef hook, surface marker balloon, divers’ rattle, air horn, and lost diver locator are also provided. Our skilled instructors help you understand how every bit of kit works and prioritise safety with a briefing before every dive.

4. Channel your inner mermaid/merman

Learning to swim prior to diving is a huge plus point – and essential for the Open Water Course. Non-swimmers can try the Discover Scuba Diving program, but for the Open Water Course guests are required to be able to swim 200 metres (650 feet) without snorkel and fins. Of course, being a mer-person is more than just being able to swim – it’s about confidence in the water. Nazeer and his team place huge emphasis on building relationships, safeguarding guests, and helping individuals overcome their fears, resulting in confident, happy and safe dives.

5. Go for the bespoke option

Whether you’re aged 8 or 80, learning to dive is an individual process. That’s why Kuda Huraa’s courses are completely bespoke and provided on a private basis. It allows Nazeer and his team to zero in on any concerns, provide customised information, match the learning speed to individual needs, and offer maximum flexibility in terms of when and where to dive. Kuda Huraa’s Dive Discovery team regularly scout out the best new dive spots to ensure guests the best chance of meeting local turtles, mantas, sharks and napoleons, and marvelling at the incredible marine biodiversity.

What are you waiting for? Practise a good exercise regime, get started on your PADI Open Water theory, and leave the rest to us. All this and more will be waiting for you when you arrive.

To book your diving holiday at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa, contact the Central Reservations Department team at tel: (960) 66 00 888 or email: