Four Seasons Resort Marrakech Introduces New Signature Cocktails Inspired by Moroccan Heritage

April 29, 2024,
Marrakech, Morocco

Four Seasons Resort Marrakech introduces new signature cocktails inspired by Morocco. Drawing inspiration from the captivating scents of the souks, the vibrant colours of ancient cities, the aromas of spices, and the timeless cultural heritage of Morocco, each cocktail at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech is more than just a beverage. It's a work of art, a unique creation that encapsulates the very essence of this fascinating country. Crafted through a deep immersion in Morocco's sensory riches, Resort mixologists have skillfully blended local ingredients to create exceptional cocktails. From mint tea to the delicate rose notes of distant oases, each sip evokes a journey through Morocco.

At Inara lounge, nestled in the heart of the Resort and open all day, the cocktails offered provide a true immersion into the richness of Moroccan culture. Among them, the Qahwa M'aatra cocktail reinterprets traditional Moroccan spiced coffee with a touch of rum and amaretto. The Fruits of the Valley captures the essence of the Atlas valleys with a delightful combination of rum and fresh local fruits, offering guests a genuine taste journey through the lush landscapes of the region. And for a unique sensory experience, the Cobalt Oasis delicately combines almond milk, dates, and curaçao in a blue tea glass, creating an exotic fusion of flavours reminiscent of the mystical oases of the Moroccan desert.

By the pool, at the Azzera restaurant bar, the laid-back atmosphere perfectly complements a selection of creative and refreshing signature cocktails. Among them, the Pear Spritz offers a fruity and sparkling experience, blending the sweetness of pear with slightly tangy notes, perfect for refreshing under the Marrakech sun. The Margarita Solari is a bold interpretation of the classic cocktail, where Moroccan orange and bitter orange blossom come together to create an explosion of Moroccan flavours. Finally, the Basil Smash offers a truly unique taste experience, skillfully combining fresh ingredients such as grape, apple, and aromatic herbs from the Fes region, evoking the orchards surrounding this ancient city.

In the evening, at Quattro bar and restaurant, the glamorous elegance of Italy merges with the enchanting warmth of Marrakech through a selection of cocktails. Among them, the Ochre Negroni offers a bold fusion of Campari, orange blossom, and gin, evoking both classic Italian flavours and the sunny ambiance of the red city. The Melon Spritz brings a touch of summer freshness with its refreshing blend of fresh melon and prosecco, perfect for cooling down under the Moroccan sun. Finally, the Sgroppino offers a complete experience, blending vodka, date syrup, lemon, Italian wine, and passion fruit sorbet.

The experience continues at the peak of Zest, offering a panoramic view of the Resort's lush gardens and the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. At this height, cocktail creations take on an even more astonishing dimension. The Atlas cocktail is a true invitation to travel, served in a Moroccan teapot and boldly mixing spicy bourbon, sweet dates, juicy figs, fresh lemon, mint, and a subtle touch of geranium. The Menara embodies elegance and freshness with its subtle blend of gin, white vermouth, lemon juice, apple juice, and a delicate touch of elderflower liqueur. For thrill-seekers, the Harissa Bloody Mary offers a spicy and vibrant experience, marrying the flavours of Moroccan Taktouka with vodka, cumin, and tangy fruits from the Atlas.

Four Seasons Resort Marrakech, nestled in the heart of the Red City and surrounded by 16 hectares (40 acres) of lush gardens, is committed to offering its guests unique and exceptional experiences. Whether through its terroir-inspired cocktails, refined culinary experiences, or simply the stay itself, every moment spent at this establishment is an invitation to discovery.