Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City Incorporates Plant-Based Alternatives in its Gastronomic Proposals

The iconic oasis of the Mexican capital joins one of the most relevant gastronomic movements, proving that it is always in trend
December 1, 2023,
Mexico City, Mexico

Plant-based food is one of the most important gastronomic and food trends nowadays. It offers healthy dishes in which animal protein is left out and natural ingredients are prioritized, such as legumes, seeds, fruits and vegetables. In addition, it’s good for the environment, so it’s not surprising that the restaurants Zanaya, Il Becco, the Fifty Mils bar and Pan Dulce at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City have incorporated plant-based alternatives to their sophisticated menus.

The iconic oasis located in Reforma, one of the main avenues of the Mexican capital, remains at the forefront and with the help of Canadian Chef Natalie Prhat, passionate about a healthy lifestyle, they have developed plant-based alternatives for their gastronomic proposals. The consultancy led by Prhat has brought together recognized chefs, such as Olimpia Calderón from Zanaya, Raul Vazquez from Banquets, Jorge Dumit from Il Becco, Laura Rodriguez from pastries, and Fares Bouneb, Food and Beverage Director. Together, they reinterpreted new gastronomic alternatives, highlighting the Hotel’s commitment to satisfying the most demanding palates.

As a result, 80 percent of the dishes on Zanaya's menu now feature plant-based alternatives. Il Becco has created a risotto, ideal for those who embrace a healthy lifestyle and a demanding taste. Fifty Mils will pamper its customers with a hamburger, and in the pastry, Pan Dulce offers muffins and a petit gâteau that changes flavour with each season, all plant-based.

Natalie, a chef and plant-based recipe creator, has been exploring plant-based cuisine on an exciting global journey for nearly a decade. Working with Four Seasons in places such as Costa Rica, Anguilla, Orlando, Milan and New Orleans, she has made a significant mark with innovative dishes that not only look and taste good, but also replicate the experience of non-vegan options. The focus is on carefully crafted menus, using local and seasonal ingredients to offer guests a unique and memorable dining experience, advancing current culinary trends with exceptional creativity and flavour.

With this innovation, Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City proves that it remains on trend, offering guests and visitors a gastronomic offer with the best flavours of Mexico.

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