The Taste of the Sea Comes to Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City

January 26, 2024,
Mexico City, Mexico

The seafood, the fruits of the land, and the flavours of Nayarit have found a special place in the delicious traditional cuisine of Zanaya's new menu at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City. The iconic oasis located in Reforma, one of the main avenues of the Mexican capital, remains at the forefront, and with the help of Chef Olimpia Calderón, the culinary team redesigned the restaurant's gastronomic proposal to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Zanaya offers the authentic flavours of the Mexican Pacific coast from Nayarit and its surroundings to the capital. From its iconic “zarandeado” fish to the comfort food enjoyed at a Sunday brunch, under the premise of sustainable fishing, this venue cooks the freshest fish and seafood from the Pacific.

"Having grown up with this type of cuisine means that the love with which the dishes are prepared has a reflected feeling of home," says Chef Olimpia Calderón, who transmits her experiences in the Pacific through the Nayarit cuisine. Having experienced the gastronomic variety that exists in every corner of the state, it allows Zanaya to offer traditional flavours, giving Nayarit’s touch to each dish.

Ceviches with shrimp or sawfish, red or green aguachile, shaken fish or octopus, oyster soups, clam paté, Tlaxtihuilli shrimp, wrapped fish, and Ixtlán del Río chicken,are some of the delicious recommendations made with fresh ingredients and the highest quality, ready to conquer the palate.

It is important to mention that, thinking about offering alternatives for all tastes, 80 percent of the dishes on Zanaya's menu now have plant-based alternatives.

With this innovation, Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City and Zanaya demonstrate that they remain on trend, offering guests and visitors a gastronomic offer with the best flavours of Mexico.

Reserve by calling 55 5230 1818.