Fifty Mils Mexican Specialty Coffee: A Sustainable and Fair-Traded Mexican Beverage

Mexico City, Mexico

Guests and visitors can now enjoy Fifty Mils Mexican Specialty Coffee in private tastings, mixed drinks, restaurants, and other establishments located at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City, and also take it on the go to enjoy it at home.

Fifty Mils and its team began this project by travelling to the township of Huautla de Jiménez in the Sierra Madre. They met and worked shoulder to shoulder with the coffee farmers of the region, acquainting themselves with their cultivation processes and learning the agricultural chores of this Mexican community. In the wake of this trip, Fifty Mils Mexican Specialty Coffee was officially born.

Beyond rolling out Mexican coffee from regions such as Oaxaca, Veracruz, and Chiapas, one of the main aims of this effort is to offer a coffee that is sustainable across the board. From the financial, dealing directly with coffee-growing communities to offer them a fair price for their product; to be socially conscious, supporting small-scale producers by adding value to their hard labour and exposure to the superb quality of their coffee; and to be environmentally friendly, minimising their carbon footprint by setting up an efficient transportation chain, composting, and creating materials out of the resulting organic waste products.

Fifty Mils Mexican Specialty Coffee is now a highlight of private tasting events – including customizsed ceramic ware contrived by craftswomen in the State of Mexico – to which Hotel guests and visitors alike can attend, along with any other brew lovers looking for the highest quality coffee, all in seeking to promote and share the latest around sustainably produced Mexican coffee.

Fifty Mils will also be rebooting its coffee-laced cocktail menu every six months: its "Al Despertar" section features five of these eye-openers. In the same vein, the creation of a line of original coffee liqueurs is on its way to the Fifty Mils lineup as well as into our guest rooms minibars.

The Fifty Mils team will be following up on this socially responsible project by continuing to travel to Veracruz – home to some of the country’s best coffees – particularly to a small community of coffee growers run end-to-end exclusively by women.