Minnesota’s Rising Culinary Stars Prepare Dishes Showcasing Their Culture and Craftsmanship on the Rooftop of Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis

New Walkup Kitchen opens Friday, May 24, ahead of Hotel’s second anniversary
May 15, 2024,
Minneapolis, USA

In the time of year when patios and pools call, Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis is raising the roof. Starting May 24, 2024, Hotel guests and residents will discover the best summer sights, sounds and smells on the rooftop as Minnesota’s rising culinary stars showcase their culture and craftsmanship in a new Walkup Kitchen, just beyond the outdoor pool. Open summer Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, the Walkup Kitchen will spotlight a host of talented local chefs offering cuisines from around the world.

“On June 1, 2022, our opening day, Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis made a commitment to embrace our community, and this is the latest example of that,” says General Manager Florian Riedel. “We are proud to introduce Twin Cities talent to our visitors from near and far.”

Meet the Participating Chefs

Chef-Owner Peter Campbell

  • Home Kitchen: Red Wagon Pizza Co.
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Heirloom Margherita Pizza
  • Chef says: “I am in pursuit of a deeper more meaningful connection with myself and the community around me, and I achieve this through hospitality and cuisine. Pizza is the quintessential palate for this connection as it is meant to be shared.”

Executive Pastry Chef Eddy Dhenin

  • Home Kitchen: Pastry Kitchen at Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Croffle, a hybrid of a croissant and a waffle with basil ice cream and strawberries
  • Chef says: “Two years ago, after witnessing a tray of proofed croissants, I became intrigued and decided to experiment by placing one in a waffle iron. The outcome was so impressive that we decided to have it make an appearance on the Mara menu and now we’re bringing it back to life in our Walkup Kitchen.”

Executive Chef Robert Gaston

  • Home Kitchen: Target Field
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Grilled Kramarczuk’s Brat Patty with caramelized garlic and Dijon aioli, smoked gouda and sauerkraut
  • Chef says: “I love having the opportunity to work for a venue that brings so much passion and joy to people. It's always a challenge to change people's perspective and expectations of cuisine that they expect at a stadium.”

Sous Chef Lucas Liljenberg

  • Home Kitchen: Mara at Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Smoked Chicken Wings with kimchi dry rub, fermented garlic honey and shiso buttermilk dressing
  • Chef says: “My time in Seoul was really foundational in my love for food and wanting to become a chef. I've worked and cook primarily in French kitchens. That’s why my food draws from a mix of Korean and American flavours using French techniques.”

Chef-Owners Diego Montero and Nico Nikolov

  • Home Kitchen: DelSur Empanadas
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Steak Lomito with chimi mayo, lettuce, tomato, ham, mozzarella and fried egg on a toasted bolillo
  • Chef Nico says: “We love to share traditional Argentinian flavours and culture. We are known for our Empanadas, Lomitos, Choripán and desserts.”

Executive Chef Martín Morelli

  • Home Kitchen: Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Choripán, a Uruguayan classic of grilled, house-made sausage served with bread and chimichurri
  • Chef says: “I can't think of a better way to spend the summer than grilling poolside with a view of the Minneapolis skyline. We are counting down the days until our Walkup Kitchen opens and guests arrive.”

Chef Pedro Wolcott

  • Home Kitchen: Guacaya Bistreaux
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Carne en Palitos
  • Chef says: “These skewers are filled with nostalgic memories of my upbringing, and they bring back memories of Panama's iconic carnival season and year-round festivities. The streets are filled with the smell of happiness and good times.”

Chef-Owner Soleil Ramirez

  • Home Kitchen: Crasqui
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Squid Ink Corn Empanadas with calamari, shrimp, white fish and lime aioli
  • Chef says: “I was born and raised in Venezuela. We try to showcase many ingredients for my country with a little twist in the fine-dining experience. Crasqui is an island in the Caribbean Sea, part of Venezuela, of course, and that is what I miss the most about my country: our beaches and ocean.”

Sous Chef Kenzie Ross

  • Home Kitchen: Mara at Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Grilled Panzanella Salad
  • Chef says: “I did a dinner party for my dad and his friends a few summers ago and made something similar. One of his close friends was just blown away by the fact that I grilled lettuce, so it's a fun inside joke with us now, and I thought it would be perfect for the Walkup Kitchen!”

Executive Sous Chef Stephen Tober

  • Home Kitchen: Events Kitchen at Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Mini Lobster Rolls with tarragon, fennel and espelette pepper
  • Chef says: “My mom raised my brother and me to be respectful and treat others as you would want to be treated. Because of this, Four Seasons philosophy to live by the Golden Rule has always been appealing to me and hits a sense of comfort and hominess.”

Chef de Cuisine Thony Yang

  • Home Kitchen: Mara at Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Item: Hmong Sausage with sticky rice and tomato pepper
  • Chef says: “This dish is a staple when it comes to Hmong food, and it's one of my all-time favourites. Whenever you go to someone's house, or to the Hmong Market in St. Paul, everyone has their version.”

Chef Jamie Yoo

  • Home Kitchen: Abang Yoli
  • Walkup Kitchen Featured Menu Items: Mini Chicken Sandwiches, Mini Abang Hot Dogs and Korean Fried Chicken on a Stick
  • Chef says: “At Abang Yoli, we're proud to offer a delightful array of Korean fried boneless chicken, authentic and modern Asian street food. Our passion for top-notch nutrition at affordable prices shines through every dish.”

Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis will announce chef appearances at the Walkup Kitchen on Instagram and Facebook.

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