Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort Introduces “The Road to Raicilla”

Intimate, adult-only Four Seasons tented resort curates a collection of experiences around Mexico’s most overshadowed agave spirit
May 3, 2024,
Punta Mita, México

Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico invites guests to venture into the unexplored spirit of raicilla with its new collection of excursions, “The Road to Raicilla.” These experiences provide insight into the history and uncover the craftsmanship behind the unknown artisanal elixir that has been quietly enjoyed in Mexican communities for centuries. Led by local guides with intimate knowledge of the ancestral spirit, these exclusive tours by land and sea unveil the cultural significance of raicilla to Mexico, capturing its essence through authentic encounters with modern-day makers.

“Despite being one of Mexico’s earliest spirits and receiving the coveted domain origin in 2019, raicilla remains largely unheard of, overshadowed by more well-known beverages from Mexico such as tequila or mezcal,” says Eduardo Sampere, Resort Manager, Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort. “Along The Road to Raicilla, we are eager to open a whole new world for our guests, introducing them to a yet undiscovered side of Mexico. With our Resort’s intimate size and deep bonds within the community, these raicilla experiences are something only Naviva can offer.”

Along the Resort’s Road to Raicilla, guests can sip and savour the two classes of the spirit - de la costa (coastal) and de la sierra (mountainous). The Resort offers both the coastal Road to Raicilla, an immersive journey by boat recreating the raicilla smuggler's route during its era of prohibition in the early 20th century, and the mountain Road to Raicilla, a tasting excursion to the village of San Sebastián del Oeste. Due to relationships the Naviva team has carefully cultivated, guests are able to personally interact with renowned legacy producers of this locally revered, but mostly undiscovered spirit.

De La Costa: The Coastal Road

For guests eager to get off the beaten path, the coastal Road to Raicilla offers a glimpse into Jalisco’s heritage that has yet to be traversed by tourism, leading into the hinterlands where unspoiled nature abounds. Led by guides with deep connections to the Cabo Corrientes community, guests on the coastal Road to Raicilla will meet with master distillers in their private tabernas, or raicilla distilleries, whose craftsmanship reflects the essence of Mexico's storied spirit. The excursion includes:

  • The full day adventure begins with a boat ride across Banderas Bay with a biologist highlighting the captivating wildlife found in local waters
  • Arriving at a secluded stretch of beach only accessible by boat in the small fishing town of Chimo, guests will enjoy breakfast in the private home of a local community member
  • Guests will then ride to the top of the mountains of Cabo Corrientes along untouched roads to discover two or three of Jalisco’s traditional tabernas, meeting with various producers and their families in an uncommercialized and informal setting
  • Along the Road to Raicilla, guests will be able to fill their own small bottles with exclusive raicillas only available for tasting at the tabernas

Pricing for the coastal Road to Raicilla experience is USD 5,000 for a maximum group of four. These dollars are intentionally funnelled back into the Cabo Corrientes community to support the locals who make the experience possible, from the transportation to meals to tastings. Guests will also receive two full bottles from the local tabernas as a take home.

De La Sierra: The Mountain Road

For a more traditional experience, guests can embark on the mountainous Road to Raicilla, where they can immerse themselves in the quaint charm of San Sebastián del Oeste - one of Mexico’s famed Pueblo Mágicos - and indulge in private tastings and tours of local raicilla tabernas. Guided by Pedro, an expert with his own raicilla brand Aycya, this excursion offers an intimate glimpse into the artisanal mastery of raicilla. The excursion includes:

  • The day will begin with private transportation through the highlands of Jalisco to the mountain village of San Sebastián del Oeste
  • Guests will enjoy private, one-on-one tours of San Sebastián’s local tabernas, led by the producers themselves, and then enjoy tastings of various raicillas
  • Along the magical streets of San Sebastián, guests will stop to enjoy a leisurely lunch at a local spot

Pricing for the mountain Road to Raicilla experience is USD 2,000 for a maximum group of four.

All Roads to Raicilla Lead Back to Naviva

Together, these two off-property journeys offer Naviva guests an unparalleled taste of the rich heritage of Mexican raicilla – each sip a story of the land and its keepers. For guests who would like to explore the agave spirit without leaving the Resort, Naviva curates tastings of both coastal and mountain raicillas, including two small batch productions distilled exclusively for Naviva guests. Naviva Chef Sofía Mojica also crafts special tasting menus and raicilla pairings at Copal Kitchen, which local distillers will often stop by to savour with guests.

On-property raicilla experiences are part of Naviva’s all-encompassing pricing, which includes all meals and beverages, including specialty meals prepared to enjoy throughout the property; one 90-minute spa journey, including a 60-minute treatment followed by exclusive use of the Spa Pod’s private garden and timber soaking tub; daily practices and rituals; and Unscripted Naviva experiences, all starting at USD 3,150 per night for solo travellers are USD 3,950 for double occupancy.

Whether by land, by sea, or without leaving the Resort’s 48 pristine coastal acres (19 hectares), Naviva invites guests to indulge in raicilla, an untold piece of Mexican history that has too long languished in the shadows. For reservations or more information on Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, call +52 329 291 6100 or click here.

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