Four Seasons Resort Nevis Entices Guests with a Global Gastronomic Journey of New Food and Beverage Offerings and Experiences

The luxury Caribbean resort unveils an updated culinary odyssey, including sushi bar, specialty dining pop-ups, creative cuisine and cocktail menus and more

January 8, 2024,
Nevis, West Indies

Four Seasons Resort Nevis is inviting guests to embark on a tantalizing journey of taste as it unveils a captivating culinary odyssey on the sun-kissed shores of Nevis. With an unwavering commitment to celebrating diversity and embracing the rich tapestry of global flavours and cultures, the newly curated dining experiences promise to redefine the guest experience and leave taste buds yearning for more.

"At Four Seasons Resort Nevis, we believe in creating culinary memories that transcends borders,” says Antoine L’homme, Director of Food and Beverage. “Through our diverse culinary programming, we are providing our guests with an immersive experience that transports them around the world without leaving the shores of Nevis. From creative cocktails inspired by the island’s surroundings to authentic sushi, Mexican and Caribbean experiences on the beach, there is something to savour for every palate.”

Sushi on the Shore

Kastawey Beach Bar, a toes-in-the-sand eatery on the Resort’s South Beach, has been transformed into a traditional seaside sushi sensation. Led by experienced Sushi Chef Suresh Edirisuriya De Seram, the Japanese-inspired menu features a unique sushi offering for lunch daily, featuring handcrafted rolls, nigiri and sashimi that combine vibrant colours and delicate textures that mirror the surrounding tropical paradise.

Taking the Chef Suresh’s sushi mastery even further, the Resort has also launched a weekly Omakase experience at the private Chef’s Counter at EsQuilina. Guests can immerse themselves in the artistry of traditional Japanese cuisine as they discover the finest flavours of the freshest fish, prepared right before their eyes. The Omakase experience menu is limited to a lucky ten guests every Saturday night and consists of up to 15 courses, expertly crafted to highlight the delicate balance of flavours and textures.

Cocktail Creativity

Tucked just inside the Resort’s Great House lobby, the crowned monkey RUM BAR emanates an elegant yet playful ambiance, adorned with exquisite décor that establishes the perfect setting for an unparalleled drinking experience. Now, paired with a new cocktail menu featuring concoctions inspired by the rich flavours of Nevis, guests can embark on a unique journey across the island with each creation crafted to evoke the essence of the tropical paradise, from its lush landscapes to its vibrant culture.

New signature drinks showcase distinct people and places from across the island, including the Hamilton’s Old Fashioned (bourbon, demerara syrup, Angostura bitters), Newcastle Negroni (lemongrass infused gin, sweet vermouth, Campari), Nisbet Caribbean Spritzer (St-Germain, Ting, Angostura bitters, prosecco) and the non-alcoholic Green Vervet Fizz (banana juice, pineapple juice, soda water). The new menu is also highlighted by what is perhaps Nevis’ most famous cocktail, the Sunshine’s Killer Bee (secret recipe since 1995), which will be offered on a limited basis as fresh batches will be delivered daily from the neighbouring beach bar.

Pop Up Programming

The food and drink delights don’t stop there as Four Seasons Resort Nevis is also launching a rotating variety of pop up programming.

Fisherman’s Market

The Fisherman’s Market experience brings the bounty of the Caribbean Sea straight to the plate, every Wednesday at On the Dune. Set against the backdrop of the pristine Nevisian waters, guests have the extraordinary opportunity to handpick their choice of freshly caught fish, selecting from an array of the day's catch. From the succulent flavours of snapper, to the rich meatiness of mahi mahi or the wonderful tenderness of wahoo, each choice is a celebration of the ocean's abundance, ensuring a dining experience that is as personalized as it is memorable. After selecting their catch, diners will delight in the anticipation of having it expertly prepared just the way they like it, whether grilled to perfection, delicately seasoned or prepared in a signature sauce. The Fisherman’s Market experience encapsulates the essence of the restaurant’s commitment to fresh, local ingredients and a truly immersive journey.

Mexican Night and Caribbean Beach BBQ

Kastawey Beach Bar takes centre stage again on Tuesday and Friday nights with Mexican and Caribbean-inspired dinners.

During Mexican Night, guests will delight in a vibrant and enticing journey through a carefully curated selection of traditional Mexican cuisine. Palates will be tantalized by dishes such as fresh ceviche and chargrilled carne asada along with delectable desserts such as tres leches cake and churros with chocolate sauce. And it wouldn't be a proper Mexican Night without a refreshing Margarita.

At the Caribbean Beach BBQ, guests can indulge in a feast for the senses with the savoury aromas and vibrant flavours of an authentic Caribbean beachside barbecue. A delightful spread of grilled specialties, featuring an array of succulent meats, freshly-caught seafood and an assortment of delectable tropical sides and desserts are on display as the Resort’s talented chefs showcase their culinary expertise to ensure an unforgettable dining experience under the starlit Caribbean sky.

Additionally, Resort favourites EsQuilina, On the Dune and Mango restaurants have all received menu enhancements by Executive Chef Andrea Ferrandi and his talented team of chefs that further highlight the best international cuisines fused with the finest local ingredients directly from the shores and soils of Nevis.

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