Introducing Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown Pet Amenities

New York, U.S.A.

Downtown Manhattan is the perfect destination to explore outdoors with family and friends, including furry family members. Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown takes luxury pet vacation to the next level by offering curated “Ruff Service” pet amenities.

“Ruff Service” - Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown can also ensure all pets will eat as elegantly as their owners. Executive Chef Maria Tampakis specially crafted a "Ruff Service" menu. The menu includes guests' choice of protein for their pet, vegetable, rice, and for dessert, house-made peanut butter cookies, and gourmet macaroons by Bonne et Filou for dessert. Ruff Service is available at any hour on the in-room dining menu. 

Amenities Perfect for Pup - Now guests can bring their furry companions to Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown and leave their worries behind. The team curates a selection of pet amenities that will make it hard for any four-legged friend not to feel at home when they visit. In-room amenities include a classic yellow cab toy symbolic of iconic New York taxis, a Four Seasons New York Downtown tennis ball, doggy bags, custom dog bowls by Wild One, and a modern-day bed to compliment a furry friend's stay.