The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown Launches The Collective

The award-winning Spa partners the industry’s top experts in mental health, meditation, skincare and more to curate personalized treatments for guests
April 17, 2023,
New York, U.S.A.

The award-winning, Forbes Five Star Spa at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown is launching The Collective, an innovative new wellness program with leading industry experts focused on mind, body and advanced skincare. Understanding that guests are looking for a meaningful wellness experience focused on results and spiritual healing, rather than just a simple spa or beauty treatment, The Collective is an evolution of the Resident Healers program.

“What we love about New York City is that we are surrounded by the industry’s best leaders. As a global destination for wellness, we understand that our guests are looking for a more holistic approach to health, mental wellbeing and skincare,” says Eric Smith, Director of Spa and Wellness. “We hand selected a group of sought-after experts in mental health, meditation, sound therapy, crystal healing, astrology and advanced skincare. The Collective is our answer for guests who want to create a mindful, results-driven treatment plan.”

The Collective features experts who provide distinctive experiences for guests providing an overall sense of health and wellbeing. Smith curated an innovative team including:

  • Marta Hobbs, Soul Leadership Mentor
  • Gavin McLeod-Valentine, Celebrity Facial Masseur
  • Rashia Bell, Crystal Energy Healer
  • Rebecca Gordon, Astrologer
  • Nicole Hernandez, The Traveling Hypnotist
  • Michelle Pirret, International Sonic Alchemist

Known as a leading urban wellness sanctuary within New York City, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown offers private appointments with each member of The Collective. For more information on sessions or to book an appointment, click here.

About Marta Hobbs, Soul Leadership Mentor

Marta Hobbs is a storyteller, a truth seeker, a spiritual teacher, soul-led mentor, an author and entrepreneur. Drawing on her life experiences of childhood trauma, immigration and assimilation, as well as her healing and spiritual journey, her mission is to help others find their own freedom. As the creator and teacher of SoulCare – a spiritual practice to slow down the body, quiet the mind, and reconnect with the soul - Marta guides others toward healing, self-discovery and heart-centred living. Combining somatic experiencing, yoga Nidra, visualization, meditation, breathwork and various grounding and nervous system regulation practices, SoulCare guides guests on their own journey of healing, self-discovery and living heart-centred and soul-led. This personalized intimate session brings guests back into alignment with their soul. A single SoulCare session leaves you with lifetime tools on how to do this yourself. Take back your power and tap into your inner wisdom and guidance.

About Gavin McLeod-Valentine, Celebrity Facial Masseur

Expert facial masseur and facialist Gavin McLeod-Valentine knows a lot about skin. With a whole host of celebrity clientele his glowing complexions can be seen across countless red carpets around the globe. This skin guru has partnered with ultra-luxurious beauty powerhouse Augustinus Bader as the brand’s spokesperson and spa-clinic specialist and is now in residency at the Spa.

Augustinus Bader’s renowned signature facial “The Method” is a sophisticated facial treatment that uses the brand’s patented TFC8 complex to help boost cellular communication, promote circulation, firm, tone and rejuvenate the skin. Alongside the Spa’s sensorial enhancements, the treatment includes gentle skin lifting with micro-current and an artful sculpting facial massage, LED light and scalp massage.

About Rashia Bell, The Cristalline

Rashia Bell is the co-founder and CEO of The Cristalline, a holistic energy lifestyle company that serves to help one find greater balance and alignment. Her work is rooted in intuitive connectivity, exploring mind/body and spatial connections amplified by the integration of natural crystal stones. For nearly 10 years as an Energetic Designer and Crystal Healer, her work has spanned from 1:1 personal healing work and intuitive coaching, to energy harmonizing space clearings and designing energetically balanced environments for living and experiencing an attuned level of overall wellbeing. Rashia is a certified Crystal Healer, Level 2 Reiki and LaHoChi Healer, Yoga instructor, movement practitioner and trained in Myofascial Body Work. Her work has been complimented by studies in Akashic Records, Ancestral Trauma and Herbalism. Rashia has led workshops for all ages, and hosted private events, and retreats around the world. In May 2020, Rashia co-founded the global elemental energy natural sleep wellness company RE.VITYL, which is all about prioritizing natural sleep health for greater wellbeing and living a vibrant life. This has allowed her to expand the ability to share the many benefits that a holistic resonance with nature can have on one’s mind, body, and physical holistic health and energy.

About Rebecca Gordon, Astrologer

Renowned New York City Astrologer Rebecca Gordon has been practicing astrology since the age of 14, when she was trained and mentored by her mother. In addition to being a celebrated astrologer, Rebecca is an author, presenter and founder of the 15-year running Astrology School where she offers a suite of classes and workshops. She is also the Resident Astrologer at Harper’s Bazaar and a regular guest on the Dr. Oz Show. From healing astrology readings to robust courses, conferences and inspiring international retreats, Rebecca’s vibrant practice has helped thousands over the past 15 years to align with their true life path. She has been gifted with the ability to translate cosmic symbols into everyday wisdom that is awakening, encouraging and actionable for the client.

About Nicole Hernandez, The Traveling Hypnotist

Known as The Traveling Hypnotist, Nicole Hernandez guides guests through bespoke Hypnotic Journeys that help unpack and release anxiety, fear and bad habits. She specializes in helping busy professionals navigate beyond their inner blocks to success in their careers, relationships, health, and legacy. Her clients experience a greater sense of inner wisdom, confidence, clarity and calmness, and deeper sleep.

She is the creator of the TTH Method, an accelerated inner-change process that positively impacts your thoughts, habits, beliefs, and identity. Nicole's process is informed by modern hypnosis, neuro- linguistic programming, mindfulness, and her innate intuitive gift. As a life-long student of behavioural psychology, neuroscience, movement, and spirituality, she believes in a solution-oriented approach anchored in an understanding that neuroplasticity is the key to true transformation. Each Hypnotic Journey combines imaginative, sensory-rich experiences and practical tools to interrupt old patterns of thinking and behaviour.

About Michelle Pirret, International Sonic Alchemist

Michelle Pirret is a musician and Sound Therapist whose work has been called hypnotizing and transformational. Utilizing her four-octave vocal range with an ensemble of dozens of overtone-emitting instruments including Crystal Tones Alchemy singing bowls, a multitude of hand-forged gongs and hand percussion – her magnetic blend of elemental frequency and cosmic harmony transports the listener on a profound auditory journey. Michelle’s methodology – the skillful layering of frequencies from specialized overtone emitting instruments - is carefully orchestrated to assist in the shifting of energy and discord from the body. Fusing elements of musicianship and wellness, Michelle’s work centres on mindfulness – facilitating harmonic well-being and the expansion of individual consciousness. The result is a mental clarity and focus that enables you to “leap over” all that is impeding you in thought and action. A journey with sound deeply relaxes the body – triggers the imagination, provides mental acuity, and allows for the expansion of creativity. Most importantly, it fosters a connection to one’s higher self.