Naupaka Spa at Four Seasons Resort Oahu Announces the Launch of Luxury Skincare Line 111SKIN

Astronaut approved, science-driven skincare line halts the ageing process on cellular level with immediate results

May 11, 2023,
Hawaii, Oahu, U.S.A.

Naupaka Spa & Wellness Centre at Four Seasons Resort Oahu announces the addition of the science and results-driven luxury skincare line 111Skin to its highly curated menu of offerings.  Created by acclaimed plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, 111Skin delivers skin-nourishing, surgical precision that yields long-lasting, visible results.  With an extensive menu, ranging from facials and body treatments to unique energy realignment rituals, Naupaka Spa & Wellness Centre continues to be a leader in transformative wellness opportunities to relax, reset and renew on the island of Oahu.

“We are honoured to be among the elite collection of spas to carry 111SKIN, which not only has a phenomenal reputation for its powerful, transformative results, but the skincare line is also a favourite among celebrities and astronauts – one could say it’s out of this world,” notes Breege Holden, Director of Spa at Napuaka Spa & Wellness Centre. “111SKIN is a surgically-inspired skincare line – tested in space - and created for all skin types, concerns, and ages, and the results deliver glowing, radiant complexions with scientific results.”

Named after the street address of his London clinic, founder Dr. Yannis Alexandrides originally developed 111SKIN as a byproduct of his experience as a plastic surgeon. With more than 20 years experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he aimed to accelerate the healing process of his patients’ skin following surgical and non-surgical treatments. At the time, there was not a product on the market that delivered powerful results, therefore he set out to develop his own.

While at the same time he was developing a serum for his patients, Dr. Alexandrides assisted a team of scientists for a European space research program centred around the wellness of astronauts in the harsh space environment.  Dr. Alexandrides’ new serum formula - combined with vitamin C and escin, proved to be a skincare first.  The serum was tested for a space study by astronauts to research the ageing process.  Previous studies had found ageing to be rapid in the uniquely harsh environment.  The scientific test results unanimously showed that Dr. Alexandrides’ serum combated advanced ageing in the astronauts.  The studies indicated that the groundbreaking serum could stop DNA degradation and halt the ageing process on a cellular level in space, therefore having further beneficial results on Earth.

The 111Skin offerings at Naupaka Spa include three distinct facials:

  • Waiea Oxygen Rose Gold Radiance Facial – Taking the oxygen facial one-step further, this luxurious, complimenting blend of hyaluronic acids, colloidal gold extract, rose damask and hexapeptides deliver powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory active ingredients to instantly calm, lift and plump the skin. This seamless combination includes a multi-enzyme exfoliation and deep penetration of hyaluronic acid delivery for luminous skin, instant and long lasting results.
  • Mauli Ola Revitalizing Facial - This restorative facial infuses a complex trio of active antioxidants and niacinamide to reduce inflammation, strengthen the epidermal barrier and accelerate the skin’s healing process. Includes a deep-muscle facial massage and LED light therapy to target all skin conditions.
  • Celestial Black Diamond Ultimate Lift Facial - This high-performance facial uses advanced technology to deliver most intense clinical results for the face, neck and décolleté. The experience includes HydraFacial, a multi-enzyme exfoliation and micro-current for firming and lifting. Concentrated formulas of fine diamond particles that work harmoniously with liquorice root and hyaluronic acid to deeply penetrate active ingredients into the skin resulting in a powerful, non-surgical solution that instantly lifts, dramatically brightens and improves volume.

The 80-minute 111Skin facials also include a facial and neck lymphatic drainage massage – a treatment beloved by A-listers, which encourages drainage of toxins in the lymph nodes and aids movement of lymph fluids. Overall, this helps with the release of inflammation and is beneficial for the immune system.

Naupaka Spa & Wellness Centre is a haven for healing, featuring an expansive 35,000 square-foot (3,250 square metre) facility with 12 treatment rooms, 3 outdoor healing hales, steam room, whirlpool, a lap pool, zen garden, relaxation lounge, and more.

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