Introducing The Crown Jewel LOUIS XIII RARE CASK 42.1, Poured Exclusively by VIRTÙ at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi

Time and nature work their wonder in this ultra-rare Cognac, decades in the making
September 27, 2023,
Tokyo, Japan

VIRTÙ at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi unveils the singular pleasure of LOUIS XIII RARE CASK 42.1, a milestone in the legacy of Rémy Martin’s RARE CASK series. The first special release from the luxury Cognac house in more than a decade, each precious bottle is a true wonder of time and nature, offering a superlative expression of LOUIS XIII Cognac.

VIRTÙ is the only bar in the country that will be pouring LOUIS XIII RARE CASK 42.1. Starting September 22, 2023, pours will continue until the decanters last.

Known for its world-leading collection of vintage French spirits and hard-to-find Cognacs, VIRTÙ offers an ideal setting for guests to embark on this very special exploration. Sky-high views set the stage for drinking rituals at this Tokyo-meets-Paris, ranked #20 among Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023.

“We are thrilled to be one of the exclusive carriers of such an iconic bottle. Thank you to Rémy Martin and our partners for trusting us with this incredible example of craftsmanship and heritage,” says Keith Motsi, Head Bartender of VIRTÙ and Head of Beverage Operations at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi.

Presented in a striking black crystal Baccarat decanter, RARE CASK 42.1 is sourced from a single tierçon - a larger sized barrel­ - made from French oak that takes more than a hundred years to reach maturity. The tierçon, which was discovered and selected by fifth-generation cellar master Baptiste Loiseau, boasts an exceptionally aromatic profile and a unexpected ABV of 42.1%, giving the Cognac its name.

Reflecting a distinct expression of LOUIS XIII never encountered before, this limited-edition Cognac is extremely powerful, floral, velvety and powdery. Each sip holds a complex and unpredictable liquid odyssey, interweaving notes of rose, peony and lilac with passionfruit, mango, pineapple and Mirabelle plum.

Chocolate, cigar box, iris and tobacco notes enhance the powdery character of the rose, while liquorice and old wood evoke the tierçons in the cellars of Domaine du Grollet.

With only 775 bottles released globally, LOUIS XIII RARE CASK 42.1 is priced at USD 50,000 per decanter. VIRTÙ is one of 13 selected venues worldwide that will be offering this extra-special Cognac by the glass.

Available only as long as the treasure trove lasts, LOUIS XIII RARE CASK 42.1 is priced at JPY 450,000 for 15 ml and 900,000 for 30 ml.