The Scent of the Czech Lands

Prague, Czech Republic

A perfume can tell a story and evoke powerful experiences or memories. At Four Seasons Hotel Prague, such experience is created with the Hotel’s signature scent. Eternal Beauty room fragrance, fashioned exclusively for the riverside property, guides guests through the Czech lands and their rich heritage.

Inspired by the beauty and diversity of the Czech countryside, notes of oak, violet, rose and ripe plum are based on clean powder notes take guests on a journey through green forests, blossoming meadows and lush gardens.

"Staying in a hotel is supposed to be an experience, an attack on the senses. Scents are perceived by most people very intensely; it creates an atmosphere and I think it simply belongs to our Hotel. Eternal Beauty is bold, elegant and unique, it perfectly reflects Four Seasons in Prague," says Martina Vávrová.

As part of celebrations of the Hotel's anniversary, the room fragrance is gifted to guests as a limited-edition keepsake amenity, which is included in the special Eternal Beauty package.