New Treatment Rituals Offer Transformative Wellness Experiences at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis Spa

New GROUND Wellbeing product line ignites the senses and fosters whole body self-care

January 23, 2024,
St. Louis, U.S.A.

As the emphasis on self-care continues to deepen and evolve, the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis continually looks to expand its offerings and find new ways to meet this growing demand.  With the introduction of its latest product line, GROUND Wellbeing, the Spa has launched a new series of treatments designed to help guests mindfully connect to their senses and nurture their spirit.  GROUND Wellbeing creates products and intuitive self-care rituals crafted from 100 percent natural plant-based ingredients, all handmade in small batches in Cork, Ireland.

“Choosing a new line for the Spa requires a lot of time and research. With GROUND Wellbeing it was love at first sniff of their products.  It’s an exceptional fit for us since their ethos and quality pair perfectly with ours,” says Erin Stewart, Senior Spa Director. “We are excited to offer our guests a bespoke transformative experiential journey while also honouring sustainability.”

A new treatment menu debuts the GROUND Wellbeing product line with the following rituals:

Four Phases Ritual

Na Seasuir: Irish for “seasons,” this treatment guides the body through an immersive journey through the four seasons. Beginning with shedding old layers, a full body dry brush cleanses and ignites circulation followed by a restful full body massage. Representing hibernation in the depths of winter, the body is then wrapped in a Deep Slumber cocoon, allowing full rest and repair. An invigorating scalp massage with citrus hair oil uses slow, methodical movements to increase circulation and uplift the senses. Finally, a refreshing foot scrub and reflexology, soothes and lightens tension with the soles.

  • 105 minutes - starting at USD 390

Restorative Ritual

Mindfulness is the practice of living in the present. As guests listen to RIOPY’s Meditation 22, a skilled technician focuses on rejuvenating the five most used areas of the body. This peaceful and aromatic journey begins at the bottom of body with an exfoliation to the legs and feet followed by a therapeutic massage to revive the muscles, continuing up to the arms, focusing attention on forearms and hands to increase circulation and blood flow. The journey concludes at the top of body with a revitalizing head and scalp massage to relieve tension and promote overall relaxation and wellbeing.

  • 50 minutes - starting at USD 105-140

Grounding Massage Ritual

Sacred time for healing: this treatment provides the space and time to tap into the body’s ability to self-repair and re-align for a feeling of replenishment and grounding. Particularly focused on the back of the body, the feet and areas that are prone to tightness and tension, the therapist performs long, flowing movements while working the full length of the body, uniting body and soul again.

  • 80 minutes - starting at USD 300

Soul Sleep Massage Ritual

Love is a deep slumber, and rest is the pillar to wellness. The Spa collaborated with GROUND Wellbeing to provide a customized ritual, promoting a calm release, centring and reconnection to the body.  Designed to alleviate exhaustion and burn out as well as to encourage body and mind relaxation, it includes: delta wave stimulating melodic tones; breathing exercises with an aromatic foot soak; and, aromatherapy and massage to foster the deepest state of restorative rest.

  • 100 minutes - starting at USD 380

Revive Facial Ritual

The Revive Facial from GROUND Wellbeing focuses on gentle yet effective techniques to promote overall skin wellness and health. It includes: facial stone massage to stimulate blood circulation; a gua sha sequence to contour and lift; and, a firming facial massage to promote radiance, skin clarity, and hydration. Deeply restful, calming, and therapeutic, this facial creates an allover sense of relaxation.

  • 80 minutes - starting at USD 295

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis is an urban oasis of tranquillity offering luxury spa treatments designed to instill a sense of pampering and serenity.  With twelve luxurious treatment rooms and an extensive menu of indulgent services, guests can enjoy some downtime in the relaxation lounge with breath-taking views of the Arch and majestic Mississippi.  The nail salon features new state-of-the-art Zero Gravity loungers, raising the bar on indulgence and comfort. The lavish exclusive Spa After Dark is a one-of-a-kind experience. For those who want to stay active, the 24-hour fitness centre offers cardio machines, Peloton bikes, free weights and personal training on request.