The Surf Club and MOKE International Celebrate History and the Future with Revival of the MOKE in the United States at Four Seasons Hotel and Residences at The Surf Club

Custom Electric MOKEs become the newest amenity to explore the town of Surfside and beyond in 2024

December 20, 2023,
Surfside, Florida, U.S.A.

The Surf Club, an iconic social club in the Miami Beaches, and MOKE International, the first heritage automotive brand from the 1960s to go fully electric, have come together with a shared appreciation of spirit and authenticity, to bring new custom MOKEs to guests and residents of Four Seasons Hotel and Residences at The Surf Club.

Designed for the most beautiful beach destinations in the world, The Surf Club’s nine-acre (3.6 hectare) stretch of oceanfront in Surfside, Florida was the perfect sunny place for the first arrival of the original MOKE in the United States in more than 40 years.

“We could not be more honoured to return to The Surf Club,” says Robin Kennedy, Chief Commercial Officer of MOKE International. “We share such rich histories, and we are delighted to bring that history back to the present.”

The History

Since New Year’s Eve 1930, The Surf Club has hosted history. Archive photos show poolside fashion shows directed by Elizabeth Arden, Shah Mohamed Reza of Iran on the tennis court, his wife on water skis and Winston Churchill painting in his cabana. There was liquor on the beach during prohibition, kayaks in the swimming pool, black tie boxing dinners and lavish themed galas. It quickly became a place of myth, legend, and endless laughter.

Then, in the 1960s, the original Mini MOKE arrived on Miami shores and was swiftly seen ushering iconic guests around Miami. As MOKE had its own fanbase of individuals who loved its unique experience including The Beatles, the beach was where these two institutions were married and came together to enliven all guests' lives.

The Experience

The custom Electric MOKEs will only be available to guests and residents of Four Seasons Hotel and Residences at The Surf Club, either to be escorted around, or taken for themselves to enjoy local adventures in Surfside and its surrounding neighbourhoods. Its design, perfect for a day out along coastal roads, a visit to Bal Harbour Shops, or an evening ride to enjoy sunset views before dinner out, offers the time to take it slow and to appreciate the journey.

“We always look for unique experiences that have both meaning and enjoyment,” says Daniela Trovato, Regional Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel and Residences at The Surf Club. “This relationship with MOKE International is inspired by the classic beach days and ‘good old times’ of The Surf Club that made this place so magnetic from the beginning.”

The Electric MOKEs

These custom Electric MOKEs have been crafted to honour the style of both establishments with customisation specifically chosen by The Surf Club, including a paint finish of “The Surf Club Green,” bespoke tobacco-coloured seats and subtle branding features. The MOKE’s “beach” drive mode makes it a natural choice for The Surf Club. Unlike similar mobility solutions, MOKE International’s Electric MOKE is also certified as a highway-legal vehicle. Encapsulating modern innovation within its nostalgic body shape, the emissions-free vehicle is handcrafted in the UK, using a majority of European parts. The entirely electric car charges to 100 percent in just four hours and is capable of reaching distances of up to 80 miles (130 kilometres) on a single charge, with a top speed of 50 miles (80 kilometres) per hour.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in South Florida

MOKE International’s return to the United States extends to all Four Seasons hotels and resorts in South Florida, which includes Four Seasons Hotel and Residences at The Surf Club, Four Seasons Hotel Miami, Four Seasons Hotel and Residences Fort Lauderdale, and Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach. With four locations spanning 60 miles (100 kilometres) along the Atlantic coast of Florida, each will offer custom styling and experiences unique to each destination.

MOKE International

MOKE and the MOKE logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of MOKE International Limited in the European Union and other territories. MOKE International, a company registered in England, is the only manufacturer of genuine MOKE vehicles worldwide. The mark was acquired from Casti S.p.A. and derives from the original 1964 British Motor Corporation registration. The MOKE is a revitalized, re-engineered version of the iconic Mini Moke that was originally designed by the legendary Sir Alec Issigonis, the designer of the 1959 Mini, and launched in 1964. The Mini Moke was created as a low-cost and easy to maintain recreational and utility vehicle, but it quickly gained cult status in fashionable resorts such as the French Riviera and the Caribbean. It has been driven by Beatles, Brigitte Bardot and James Bond alike. MOKE International has brought the Mini Moke into the modern age by integrating up-to-date driving technologies, including full electric power, while remaining faithful to the iconic design that made it a global hit in the 1960s. True to its heritage, MOKEs today are engineered and built in Northamptonshire, England.