Four Seasons Resort and Residences The Pearl-Qatar Collaborates with Celebrated Qatari Artist Shouq Al-Mana

January 24, 2024,
Doha, Qatar

Four Seasons Resort and Residences at The Pearl-Qatar, a stunning destination that opened in late 2023, announces its collaboration with renowned Qatari contemporary artist Shouq Al-Mana. This collaboration underscores the Resort's deep commitment to celebrating art and culture, and aligns with its dedication to supporting Qatar's vision to become a cultural hub in the region. By bringing together an array of exquisite artworks from Paris to Qatar, the Resort not only showcases international artistry but also honours the rich cultural heritage and contemporary creativity of Qatar.

Shouq Al-Mana, a distinguished alumna of Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, is celebrated for her unique artistic style that marries her rich Qatari heritage with abstract, contemporary elements. Born in 1996, Al-Mana has carved a niche for herself in the art world, focusing on themes of culture, identity, and tradition. Her versatile practice spans painting, sculpture, and installation art, each piece a testament to her profound understanding of symbolism and history.

"We are honoured to showcase a masterpiece by Shouq Al-Mana at Four Seasons The Pearl," says Mehdi Zaanoun, General Manager Four Seasons The Pearl-Qatar. "Her work not only enriches the aesthetic of our Resort but also resonates deeply with our brand's appreciation for art and culture. Al-Mana's art is more than just visual; it's an experience that embodies the essence of our cultural heritage."

Al-Mana's art is a captivating blend of her cultural background and abstract design, resulting in powerful contemporary pieces. Her works are characterized by dynamic shapes and compositions, bringing a unique energy and presence to the environment of the hotel.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences at The Pearl-Qatar invites guests and art enthusiasts to experience the enchanting world of Shouq Al-Mana. Her visionary approach, focusing on themes of culture, identity, and tradition, is displayed in her captivating paintings, sculptures, and installations. The collaboration between the Resort and the artist not only enhances the visual appeal of the property but also offers a profound insight into the rich cultural tapestry of Qatar.

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