Journey Back to the Roots with Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Los Angeles, Westlake Village, U.S.A.

The region surrounding Westlake Village offers acres upon acres of rich soil and an ideal climate for farming and agriculture. Plan a visit to a local farmers' market, explore Coin & Candor’s onsite gardens or visit some of our neighbouring farms for a peek at Southern California's locally grown prime pickings. The proximity of Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village to several working farms creates interactive playgrounds and classrooms out of crops for the entire family.

  • Coin & Candor's Onsite Gardens - Enjoy the Hotel’s on-site gardens. Chef Jesus Medina and the culinary team work to grow and harvest seasonal ingredients found on the California brasserie's menu. Have questions about what grows in the gardens? Allow Chef Jesus or a member of the culinary team to give you a garden tour.  
  • Westlake Village Farmers' Market - This robust gathering of regional vendors features freshly picked produce, food and flowers in a sun-kissed outdoor setting. 2797 Agoura Rd, Westlake Village, CA 91361, open Sundays, 7:00 am – 2:00 pm. 
  • Apricot Lane Farms - Just a short drive inland from Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, discover where the award-winning Biggest Little Farm was filmed. This dynamic farm focuses on seeing and utilizing the interconnectedness of nature to help build soil health, maximize biodiversity, and regeneratively grow the most nutrient-dense food possible.