A Christmas and New Year Festive Escape to Enchanted Thailand at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Experience a magical festive escape in Chiang Mai, where Lanna-style decorations and vibrant cultural performances create an enchanting holiday atmosphere
July 8, 2024,
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, often hailed as the “Rose of the North,” transforms into a festive paradise during the holiday season. Adorned in Lanna-style finery, the city's heritage sites shimmer with a unique vibrancy that invites families for an enchanting Christmas and New Year's escape. Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, with more than two decades of deep-rooted connections to this mystical place, offers an unparalleled blend of culture, heritage, nature, and serenity. “Our resort epitomizes the best Chiang Mai has to offer, ensuring a soul-enriching experience where festive cuisine and activities merge delightfully,” says Sean Mosher, General Manager of Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Tented Camp Golden Triangle. Guests can anticipate a holiday season filled with unforgettable moments, including the much-anticipated Christmas tree lighting ceremony (December 23, 2024), set in a magical atmosphere that embodies the spirit of Christmas and welcomes the dawn of the new year.

Dine Together

Dining as a family is central to the celebration, and live folk music and performers bring the fervour of the Chiang Mai streets to the occasion, providing a carnival like ambience for a fabulous Lanna Market Dinner (December 10, 2024). In contrast, Executive Chef Alvin Dela Cruz brings his own flair as North by Four Seasons is ablaze with a BBQ Buffet Dinner (December 20, 2024). “The flavours will be rustic and robust, as chargrilled meats and seafood sizzle all the way to your plate,” he shares. Accompanied by a selection of imported oysters, exquisite charcuterie, and an assortment of decadent desserts, this is a throwback dining experience that must not be missed.

Christmas remains the central theme this time of year, and the excitement reaches a crescendo during Christmas Eve Dinner at Rim Tai Kitchen (December 24, 2024). Live jazz renditions of Christmas tunes are served up with some tempting food for an unforgettable Christmas with the family. “The feasting only gets better with a dazzling Christmas Day Brunch at Rim Tai Kitchen, as our chefs put together a family style buffet bonanza,” suggests the chef. “Save space for dinner, as the merriment continues with a classic Christmas BBQ Platter dinner at North by Four Seasons.”

Taking guests on a journey through around the Kingdom of Thailand, the Taste of Siam (December 27, 2024) is a splendid exposition of royal recipes from around the country as Sous Chef Naruchit Taingtrong sets the table with exotic Northern Thai classics and hand-tossed street-food favourites. “We want the flavours of the season to resonate through every dish, and bring a sense of celebration to the occasion,” says Alvin.

New Beginnings for the New Year

Out on the Cocktail Lawn, the New Year’s Eve celebration (December 31, 2024) is an extravagant affair with a series of traditional folk performances to showcase the cultural richness of Thailand. “A Thai Renaissance themed entertainment program for the evening kicks off with a Chalong Chai Thai drum show to drive out the inauspicious,” shares Anthony Tschudin, Resort Manager. “Representing various fascinating aspects of Thai heritage, a series of spectacular dance and puppetry performances will follow including a Thai Suvarnabhumi Dance troupe and a fantastic musical interpretation of the mythological Himmaphan forest, adding to the sense of enchantment during this night.”

Embracing Wellness and Vitality

As the year draws to a close, embracing self-connection and wellness becomes pivotal. At Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, the verdant surroundings naturally enhance the healing journey. Saowapa Thumapun, Director of Spa, explains, "Our holistic approach to well-being allows guests to achieve deep balance and restoration. From bespoke therapies at the award-winning Wara Cheewa Spa to yoga and mindfulness sessions, we provide a comprehensive path to wellness." Guests can indulge in the Soulful Awakening program, tailored to enhance every aspect of well-being, encouraging rejuvenating sleep and holistic health.

Indulge in the luxurious Kularb Lanna Ritual, a sublime treatment featuring a rose petal scrub and a scented-candle massage, or experience the transformative 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Sculpting treatment, which uses potent formulas to firm and smooth the skin, and the Rose Radiance treatment, enriched with Rose Gold Oil and a Rose Quartz Brightening Facial Mask for a revitalizing experience.  Embrace dynamic wellness with one-on-one Muay Thai lessons, or find rhythm with high-energy fitness activities such as Cardio Tennis, offering the ultimate calorie-burning workout. Whether refining tennis skills with a private coach or engaging in a tennis clinic, the Resort caters to every level of fitness and sporting preference, ensuring a revitalized start to the new year.

Cultural Immersion

Many centuries of history converge here in this northern heartland of Chiang Mai - from earthy pursuits such as buffalo bathing and rice-planting, to more ornamental ones such as pottery, tie and dye, Saa paper art, and soy-wax candle making, there are infinite ways to connect with this fascinating destination while at the Resort. For those looking to venture beyond into the countryside, the guided bicycle tour of the Mae Rim Valley is a wonderful way to take in the many sights including many of Chiang Mai’s famous temples and monuments.  Families with young children will find that the La-On Kids Club, Chaan Baan and the Kids For All Seasons program have all the boxes ticked when it comes to organizing fun and engaging activities for the young ‘uns. Activities such as t-shirt and umbrella painting, clay moulding, and even Lanna dress-up, showcase Thai culture and offer the chance to make keepsakes for the children.

“Our Resort’s commitment to family-oriented experiences is enhanced by the enriching approach to hospitality,” says Anthony. “We pride ourselves in delivering a wholesome experience of the destination for our guests - and over the festive season, every facet of this experience is exponentially grander. The majesty of this cultural capital of Thailand will be on display in a month-long celebration of food, entertainment and hospitality, and we welcome families and friends to come be a part of it.”

Nestled in a tranquil valley encircled by majestic mountains, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is a portal to a city steeped in cultural richness and natural beauty. As the gateway to Thailand’s “cultural capital,” the Resort offers a sanctuary of wellness and connection to the rich heritage of the region. Notable landmarks such as the Dara Phirom Palace Museum showcase the architectural elegance and historical significance of Chiang Mai’s royal past.

Guests at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai can immerse themselves in meticulously curated experiences, from tranquil visits to ancient temples and vibrant hill-tribe villages to exhilarating outdoor adventures such as hiking and river rafting. The Resort also taps into the city’s renowned coffee culture, offering tours of local coffee plantations and tastings that highlight the unique flavours of the region. Savour Chiang Mai’s traditional culinary delights and innovative cuisine, embrace the serene environment, discover the city’s historical tapestry, and create memorable experiences with the distinguished hospitality of Four Seasons.