Four Seasons Resorts Bali Welcome Guests with Exclusive Private Experiences

Seven reasons why Bali is "Worth The Wait"
July 3, 2020,
Bali, Indonesia

Delayed gratification leads to greater joy, according to psychologists. That’s good news for travellers who can finally indulge their fantasies at Four Seasons Resorts Bali, where wellness, nature and architecture combine to create an experience that is definitely “Worth The Wait.”

Reopening August 1, 2020, Four Seasons Resorts Bali offers two incredible destinations on one magical island: the Balinese village resort of Jimbaran Bay with 147 private pool villas overlooking the ocean, and the riverside retreat of Sayan with 42 private villas and 18 suites nestled under a forest canopy in the cultural heartland of Ubud.

Privacy, space, seclusion – and above all, unique experiences that connect guests more deeply to the people and culture of Bali – await as Four Seasons welcomes back guests to the world’s favourite island.

“It’s certainly been a waiting game these past few months as travellers could only dream about their favourite destinations and bucket-list trips,” says Uday Rao, General Manager of Four Seasons Resorts Bali. “But good things come to those who wait and we are so grateful to our guests for their patience and understanding at this time. Our team have been working behind the scenes every day to maintain the Resort’s facilities and enhance our service under the new Four Seasons Lead With Care program. We are so excited to welcome back guests and I promise, it will be Worth The Wait.”

Experiences that are Worth The Wait at Four Seasons Resorts Bali include:

  • The Arrival: Choose from a treetop descent or riverside float at Four Seasons Resort at Sayan, where guests can either walk across a dramatic sky bridge, or experience the world’s first hotel arrival by river raft and float down the Ayung River valley. At Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay, arrive to cliff-top views over the sleepy fishing village below and 3-mile (5 kilometre) beach.
  • The Transformation: Guests often express a feeling of “rebirth” after the Blessings of Bali treatment at Jimbaran Bay – and that’s the intention. Three wellness experts deliver emotional, physical and spiritual healing at a private ocean-edge venue, beginning with yoga and a Balinese "sound bath," then the long strokes of Balinese massage to dissipate any remaining tension, and finally a traditional melukat water purification ritual by Resort priest Ajik Ngurah, which floods every sense with pure, unadulterated bliss.
  • The Healing: Don’t remember being rocked to sleep as a baby? Be taken back to this nurturing childhood ritual with a Sacred Nap by Ibu Fera, Sayan’s resident wellness mentor who shares her wisdom as a former Buddhist nun. Experience energy healing by a traditional healer, or surrender any worries during one of the Sacred River Spa’s chakra ceremonies including the heart-healing Anahata treatment.
  • The Secret Temples: From a little-known 9th century cave temple near Jimbaran to a water bathing ritual at a village temple near Ubud that must remain anonymous and untagged on social media (on request from the village), guests enjoy exclusive access to sites guided by Four Seasons local experts.
  • The Sunsets: The same sun may set us on all, but Bali’s southwest coast has what many consider the best views in the world. Spend a day at Sundara Beach Club and witness a brilliant blue sky turn into a kaleidoscopic postcard, accompanied by world-class cuisine, "Zero Waste" cocktails and live music. To get even closer to the horizon, embark on a private Sunset Cruise across the Bay.  
  • The Sunrises: Each dawn is a reminder of why Bali has been called the "Morning of the World." Seize the day and wake up to a private Sunrise Canopy Breakfast among the trees at Sayan’s rooftop lotus pond, or dive in to a Floating Breakfast in one's villa pool. Get active with yoga, trekking through lush jungle, cycling or surfing adventures. Gastrophiles can head to Jimbaran’s historic Fish Market or Ubud’s central market for a chef-guided tour before a cooking class to learn classic – as well as some forgotten – Balinese recipes.
  • The Sprawling Gardens: Lose track of time exploring Jimbaran’s 35 acres (14 hectares) of oceanfront botanical-style gardens and Sayan’s 20 acres (8 hectares) nestled between two rivers. On-site herb and vegetable gardens supplement locally-sourced produce for the Resorts’ restaurants and bars. Meanwhile for a private open-air experience, the new Healing Village Spa’s Longevity Garden offers self-directed pampering, alone or with a partner. Volcanic mud masks, coconut soap, infrared mats for mineral absorption, sun-warmed stone lounges and invigorating ice bath provide the perfect way to scrub away the past few months and reboot the future.

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Marian Carroll
Regional Director of Public Relations and Communication

Jimbaran, 80361