Here Is How Four Seasons Dubai Makes Introverts Feel at Home

Seven experiences introverts will love while staying at Four Seasons Hotels in Dubai

Dubai, U.A.E.

January 2 marks World Introvert Day, the one day of the year dedicated to the commonly misunderstood personality type, which is shared by some of the world’s brightest and most gifted. One thing Audrey Hepburn, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Barack Obama have in common is that they are introverts. While commonly thought of as shy and reserved, introverts do not necessarily fit that description; with many flourishing in social settings and even public speaking. What sets introverts apart though, is where they draw their energy from. Most introverts recharge by spending time alone or with a small circle of friends, rather than large groups of people. Looking to possibly inspire the next Steven Spielberg, Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach and Four Seasons Hotel DIFC have crafted a perfectly introverted holiday itinerary.

1. Books and sunshine, Four Seasons Resort Dubai

Dubai’s year-round sunshine and coastal treasures may appeal to most, yet the prospect of being surrounded by a high-energy crowd and kids enjoying their poolside shenanigans can discourage those of us who relish peace and quiet. Introverts and serenity seekers fret not though: the adult-only pool at Four Seasons is the perfect refuge. Surrounded by greenery, the only sounds that one hears are the gentle rustling of leaves and chirps symphonised by the Resort’s choir of birds. So how does an introvert recharge here? Simple: Recline on a beach bed, sip from a coconut and bring along a perfect companion, ie. a good book!

Luxury tip: Those who prefer the sea and appreciate a little extra pampering can enjoy a day spent at one of the resort’s butler-serviced beach cabanas. The boho-style glass cabanas are secluded and perfect for a moment of quiet while admiring the calming azure.

2. Coffee, strolls and masterpieces, Four Seasons Hotel DIFC

There is nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee on a morning walk. Penrose Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel DIFC is the perfect starting point for a solo stroll down DIFC’s Gate Village, with an Arabica creation and pastries ready to go. Guests can wander by ever-changing art installations and more than 30 galleries displaying works by both global and local artists. This is an excellent way to seep in creative inspiration, while maintaining a safe space for introspection.

3. Painting a perfect picture, Four Seasons Resort Dubai

Meditation and mindfulness does not always take the form of closed eyes, crossed legs and conscious breathing. The experts at The Pearl Spa and Wellness have"‘brushed" that misconception off with their latest introduction. In collaboration with local art brand We Love Art, the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Dubai retails painting boxes, which come fully equipped with aprons, brushes and a pre-sketched canvas. Guests receive exclusive access to a tutorial video, which guides them on their painting journey. The Pearl Courtyard, with its calming water fountain and frangipani trees is the perfect spot to "meditate in colour" and find wellness through art.

4. It’s ok to Netflix while on holiday, Four Seasons Hotel DIFC

When will the world normalise staying in on a day off? There is absolutely nothing wrong with dedicating a day to your favourite series, even if you have crossed an ocean to reach your holiday destination. The team at Four Seasons Hotel DIFC understands this and have popcorn and an Apple TV ready for those who request it, along with comfort food galore (the Creekstone Burger comes highly recommended) in the in-room dining menu. After all, cosying up in a Four Seasons Bed is the perfect way to unwind and recharge for the remainder of the itinerary.

5. Plant-based pleasantries, Four Seasons Resort Dubai

To those who dream of a restaurant that is more peaceful than buzzing, more reminiscent of a garden than a busy market and more rooted in deliciousness than extravagance, Folia is the answer. Surrounded by trees, this hidden gem serves plant-based cuisine by prodigy restaurateur Matthew Kenney. Folia is a great spot to withdraw from dynamic Dubai and enjoy a meal without the customary fuss and ado that comes with more socially-oriented eateries.

6. Sparkle at the Spa, Four Seasons Resort Dubai and Four Seasons Hotel DIFC

The perfect headspace to comfortably be with oneself is different for every person. The Pearl Spa and Wellness offers treatments and relaxation spaces designed to guide guests to their place of peacefulness. From yoga sessions at the sun-lit indoor pool at Four Seasons Resort Dubai to holistic massages with views of Burj Khalifa at Four Seasons Hotel DIFC, spa time can be a heavenly way to unwind as an introvert.

7. Introverts can also party, Four Seasons Resort Dubai and Four Seasons Hotel DIFC

A common misconception about introverts is that they don’t like to socialise. This is far from true, and with the right company, timing and setting introverts can enjoy a night out just as much as a serial partyer. For when the time is right and mood is bright, the city’s finest eateries and nightspots await at both Four Seasons Dubai hotels. The likes of Nusr-Et, Nammos, Mercury Lounge and Luna Dubai provide the perfect electric ambience for those days spent out of the comfort cocoon.