The Wellness Wonder-Smiths of The Nam Hai

Hoi An, Vietnam

Wrapped in the gracious spirit of Vietnam, each day at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai brings wondrous discoveries and soulful connections. Opportunities for rejuvenation and renewal abound, springing forth from the sacred healing traditions of the East.

This is a powerfully spiritual realm, blessed by nature’s abundance — sparkling ocean and lush vegetation, melodious birdsong and year-round sunshine. What better place to rediscover the joy of wellness?

At The Heart of The Earth Spa, floating atop a lotus-filled lagoon, guests are invited to explore the art of mindfulness and align with the Earth’s healing rhythms through a variety of offerings — crystal singing bowls, meditation, yoga, nature-inspired massages and scrubs, bathing ceremonies, and more.

These transformative rituals are brought to life by the mastery, knowledge and care of The Nam Hai’s residential experts. Meet three of the Resort’s most passionate wellness wonder-smiths.

Oanh Ngo, Wellness Artist

It was Oanh Ngo who first brought singing bowl artistry to The Nam Hai, the only property in Vietnam to have a complete eight-octave set of crystal singing bowls. Each treatment at the Heart of the Earth Spa weaves in the melodies of these instruments, thereby connecting guests with Mother Earth through vibrations and tones — a philosophy shared by Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnam’s most renowned Zen master (and the inspiration behind the Stability, Creativity and Non-Judgement therapies at the Spa).

“For me, singing bowls aren’t inanimate objects – they are spiritual and create a kind of energy that centres the frequencies of the body, mind and soul. Playing them is like taking part in a heartfelt dialogue. We work in collaboration with the bowl, pouring in positivity, to create the best sound for the receiver,” says Oanh, elaborating on the intricate processes that occur behind the scenes: each bowl is tuned to 432 Hz, the harmonic intonation of nature, and all 32 instruments undergo a special cleansing ritual on full moon nights to purify their spiritual power.

Now, in her new role as Spa Manager, Oanh finds immense fulfilment in crafting well-rounded wellness journeys for guests, blending healing and revitalization with the pleasure of cultural discovery. “Over the years, I have forged a strong connection with the Heart of The Earth Spa concept. I live and breathe it as a way of life,” she says.

Sudha Nair, Wellness Manager

For Sudha Nair, wellness is a way of life, held together by small daily routines — drinking more water and beverages, taking a mile-long walk in nature each day, and eating fresh seasonal foods. “Mother Nature offers so many ways to heal the body, mind and spirit. Embracing nature’s wisdom can be life-changing,” she shares.

Fascinated by the intricate workings of the human body as well as the vast therapeutic potential of nature, Sudha completed a degree in naturopathy and yoga. She went on to become a wellness practitioner, inspired by her father’s service-oriented mindset. What brings her the most fulfilment is using her knowledge to contribute to the well-being of people around the world, from India and Hong Kong to Thailand and now Vietnam.

In her role as Wellness Manager, Sudha supports the Spa’s positive and multifaceted approach to guest wellness. As she explains, “Wellbeing is more than just the absence of disease or illness. In its truest sense, it promotes being well in all areas of life.”

Hanh Linh, Yoga Artist

Hailing from the picturesque Dak Lak mountains in Vietnam, Hanh Linh strongly believes we can live better and achieve more when we are in harmony with nature. “I apply ancient yogic methods and natural therapies to restore balance across the five elements — fire, water, earth, air and ether — of heaven and earth within each person,” she explains.

Linh began exploring the world of proactive healthcare and disease prevention after struggling to deal with the loss of a loved one and multiple health issues. Her learnings inspired her to adopt a yogic way of life and, ultimately, to train as a yoga teacher to help others on their self-healing journey.

Now, as the resident Yoga Artist, Linh is dedicated to empowering Four Seasons guests through her in-depth knowledge of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and natural recovery. As she notes, “My goal is to help people discover the numerous benefits of a yogic lifestyle, ranging from a stronger body to an expanded spiritual energy to a more grateful heart.”

About The Heart of the Earth Spa

Named Global Spa of the Year by the SpaChina Wellness & Spa Awards 2023, The Heart of the Earth Spa is a serene oasis rooted in the teachings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. The curated menu invites guests to tune into the vibration of life and healing, opening a pathway to mindfulness, gratitude and growth.

The Spa houses eight overwater treatment villas, including six couple suites and two single suites. Guests can also join a series of authentic and reverent rituals, from setting afloat wishing candles in the lagoon to harmonizing with nature’s heartbeat through crystal singing bowls. The Thanh Tĩnh Yoga Pavilion hosts daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes.