Locally Inspired Indulgence: Four Seasons Japan Collection Introduces Spa Treatments with New Signature Aromatherapy Oils

May 7, 2024,
Tokyo, Japan

Starting this summer, explore a deeper dimension of wellness with Four Seasons Japan Collection. Across distinctive spa settings in Tokyo and Kyoto, Four Seasons unveils a selection of locally inspired treatments featuring signature aromatherapy oils, crafted in collaboration with acclaimed Japanese skincare brand Lapidem.

From forest bathing to meditative focus, the time-tested wellness wisdom of Japan finds resonance through these fragrant offerings. Relax, heal and revitalize with traditional rice bran and camellia oils, deftly infused with the therapeutic benefits of locally cultivated plants, fruits and flowers. With 100 percent of ingredients sourced domestically, the Four Seasons Japan Collection Original Aroma Oils conjure an unmistakably Japanese sense of wellbeing.

Guided by the expertise of Lapidem, the meticulously crafted blends incorporate traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices. Embark on a distinct olfactory journey of wellness with each of the four signature oils.

  • Embrace (cypress, cedarwood, petitgrain). Drift into the serenity of the forest. Rich in the scent of trees and plants, known as phytoncides, this woody fragrance induces a profound sense of calm.
  • Alive (lime, grapefruit, bergamot). Awaken the heart, mind and senses. Refreshing and citrusy, this aroma enhances pliability and openness while also generating positive energy.
  • Touch (palmarosa, marjoram, clary sage). Unwind and clear the mind. Using a gentle touch, this soft floral scent relaxes the nervous system and stabilizes the mind, boosting focus and inspiration.
  • Stillness (hiba, frankincense, yuzu). Connect with the heart of the forest. Passed down through generations in Japan, this fragrance evokes the feeling of forest bathing, known to unlock healing by alleviating stress and creating tranquillity.

Guests can now experience treatments with these aromatherapy blends at all three Four Seasons spas in Japan. The oils are also available for purchase (JPY 9,900 for 120 ml) at the hotel boutiques.

THE SPA at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi

Soaring above the financial heart of Tokyo, THE SPA offers a sky-high realm for guests to discover their best selves. Time slows down at this Zen-inspired sanctuary, with expertly curated treatments to elevate all dimensions of wellbeing. Guests can extend their relaxing sojourn across the Hotel’s extensive water and heat facilities.

Bespoke Rejuvenation. Begin with a private consultation, where expert therapists recommend a tailored combination of treatments with suitable Four Seasons oils. Emerge feeling wonderfully renewed, all set for another day in Tokyo.

  • Price: Starting from JPY 56,500 90 minutes
  • Reservations: call 03-6810-0660 or email

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi

Find inner balance at The Spa, a serene haven just steps from Tokyo Station. Adorned with natural materials, this tranquil escape invites guests to enhance their experience with a visit to the hydro-facilities, including an onsen (hot springs), steam sauna and jet showers.

Soothe & RELIEVE. Focused on relaxing the upper body, including eyes, neck and shoulders, this full-body treatment includes a lymphatic massage to release built-up tension. Guests can choose their desired Four Seasons oil to enjoy the additional benefits of aromatherapy.

Detox & REFRESH. Unlock renewal with this deeply purifying massage, which combines gentle, flowing pressure with a signature aroma oil to stimulate circulation and metabolism. A cleansing, calming journey for body and mind alike.

  • Price: Starting from JPY 27,577 - 60 minutes (JPY 21,252 for staying guests)
  • Reservations: call 03-5222-7222 or email

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

Step into a serene sanctuary, rooted in the traditions and seasons of Kyoto. Drawing inspiration from the Hotel’s 800-year-old pond garden, THE SPA unfolds healing rituals within one of the largest, most luxurious wellness facilities in the city, complete with ofuro (Japanese baths), a sauna and relaxation lounge.

Bespoke Spa Journey. Guided by skillful therapists, guests can personalize their wellness journey with a combination of body and facial treatments from the menu. Selected Four Seasons oils elevate the experience, best enjoyed within the privacy of the indulgent Spa Suite.

  • Price: Starting from JPY 39,500 - 90 minutes (JPY 45,500 during high season)
  • Reservations: call 075-541-8288

About Lapidem

An award-winning Japanese wellness brand, Lapidem creates skincare products that incorporate traditional wellness practices and craftsmanship. With an emphasis on sustainability the brand sources 95 percent of its ingredients from natural healing.

About Four Seasons Japan Collection

Experience the famed seasonal splendours of Japan across three Four Seasons hotels — two in distinctly different neighbourhoods in downtown Tokyo, and one in the well-preserved temple district of Kyoto. From dazzling cityscapes to lush palace gardens to historical streets, each property offers unique charms that can be savoured at any time of the year. Discover an unrivalled blend of creative dining experiences, rejuvenating wellness rituals and extraordinary cultural excursions, all delivered with the heartfelt, meticulous service that is synonymous with Four Seasons.


The prices in this press release are inclusive of consumption tax and service charges. The offerings may be subject to change without prior notice.

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