Secrets of Nature’s Wisdom and Elemental Harmony at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

The Secret Garden Spa reimagines experiences to promote balance in consciousness and the inherent natural elements, through the traditional Thai concept of “Tard Chao Ruan”

June 20, 2024,
Koh Samui, Thailand

Set within an oasis of lush tropical abundance, The Secret Garden Spa at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is the very definition of a natural retreat. Coconut palms swaying overhead and a cool ocean breeze allow guests who enter this haven of wellness to tap in to the island’s soothing tropical rhythm. Centuries-old Thai traditions of healing have been harnessed here under capable hands to create a superior spa concept that is truly timeless. "The Secret Garden Spa is a key part of our commitment to sustainable wellness,” shares Jasjit Assi, General Manager. Medicinal Thai plants and herbs are grown in the Resort and sourced locally so that their essential goodness and benefits can be harvested first-hand. “We're proud to support the local community by sourcing our products here on the island and using traditional Thai healing practices,” he adds.

Harmony of the Elements

Embracing the ancient Thai philosophy of Tard Chao Ruan, which identifies the four essential elements of nature, The Secret Garden Spa offers a four-fold approach to wellness. Each of the core elements Din (Earth), Nam (Water), Lom (Air), and Fai (Fire), lend themselves to singular aspects of the body’s overall health, and together represent a complete whole. “The spa’s menu features meticulously crafted rituals that explore healing by focusing on each individual element within the body,” explains the Director of Spa Kotchaphan Mekloy. “Treatments are curated after a careful assessment of a guest’s personal details and wellbeing requirements, and are tailored to create a lasting balance.” Corresponding to one’s calendar birth date, one of the four core elements plays a primary role in a person’s wellbeing and metal state, and this is where the approach to healing must begin.

Connection with the Earth (Din)

For those born in the final months of the year, treatments that focus on the Earth aspect within the body are recommended. Robust massage therapies such as the Traditional Thai and marma point, augment the Earth element, and help stimulate the lymphatic and nervous systems. “When paired with Earth Energy Four Hands Massage, the Detox Ritual, which combines the goodness of native Thai herbs and the exfoliating effects of a natural clay wrap, guarantees tangible results,” she confirms.

Fluidity of Water (Nam)

Best suited for those born mid-year, purifying treatments such as the Nam Bliss Ritual help blood flow and engage the senses. Culminating in a tropical bath, this restorative ritual will leave one feeling energized and refreshed. “A consultation with the spa’s practitioners further reveals the specific elemental treatments that are best suited for balance and realignment,” suggests Kotchaphan. 

Light as the Wind (Lom)

At the core of the philosophy at The Secret Garden Spa, the spa celebrates the human element and the spiritual awareness that underlies all healing. For those born during the spring months, treatments such as the Lom Fusion Therapy can be greatly beneficial. Emphasising the body’s need for restoration and release, this comprehensive ritual combines targeted massages and aromatic Thai herbs to boost the immune system.  

Playing with Fire (Fai)

For those born early in the year, calming therapies that help eliminate the heat within the body and mind are essential. The Awakening Fai Ritual, which includes a crystal salt scrub and a Gemstone Bliss massage, has been crafted to appease the fiery element within one’s body.

“As beings with a heightened consciousness, the spa’s new concept relies on the intuitive aspects of wellness and therapeutic intervention,” says the proud spa director. “At The Secret Garden Spa, we believe that true healing begins with a deep connection to nature and oneself.” Besides a deep study of the relationship between the elements and the specific needs, the spa has also put together a range of elemental essential oils, food and tea blends to balance elements of the body and soul, which support holistic wellbeing. “Health is the framework around which our state of being is coalesced, and happiness is directly proportional to our physical wellbeing,” shares Jasjit. “We invite guests to augment their health at The Secret Garden Spa, and re-establishing the vital links between body and being, to achieve lasting happiness.”

Visit The Secret Garden Spa to experience the transformative effects of ancient Thai healing traditions, coalesced in modern techniques.  Contact 66 0 77 243 000, email, or chat with the team via FS Chat App.