Two-Michelin Starred Paris Sushi Counter Comes to Mayfair at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

Pavyllon London welcomes Chef Yasunari Okazaki of L’Abysse for two-day pop-up in April
April 2, 2024,
London at Park Lane, England

The stars are aligning at Michelin-starred Pavyllon London by Yannick Alléno this April with a special two-day pop-up from L’Abysse - Paris’ famed two-Michelin-starred sushi counter – at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane. On Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27, 2024, Chef Yannick Alléno – who founded L’Abysse – will invite his esteemed Paris establishment and master sushi chef Yasunari Okazaki to his London restaurant for a one-of-a-kind omakase dining experience.

The intimate sushi experience will take place at the eight-seater bar counter in Pavyllon London’s chic private dining room. Mirroring traditional sushi counters in Japan, guests can observe the culinary precision, skill and theatre of the masterful chef, while enjoying some of the finest sushi in the world through the Japanese tradition of omakase, which translates to “I’ll leave it up to you.”

After a welcome aperitif in the beautiful Pavyllon London lounge, the multi-course omakase experience follows, featuring signature L’Abysse dishes such as panko crust sea urchin with grapefruit; French sake kasu scallops tartare; expertly hand-shaped nigiri; and fire grilled langoustines with crispy seaweed; with each dish a testament to Chef Yasunari’s dedication to quality, flavour and creativity.

Having met during one of Chef Yannick Alléno’s 40+ trips to Japan, Alléno and Okazaki discovered a shared passion for the intricate mastery of exceptional sushi and together embarked to bring this impressive Japanese sushi expertise to France. In 2018, Okazaki moved to France to lead Chef Yannick’s opening of L’Abysse in Pavillon Ledoyen (now the most Michelin star-rated independent establishment in the world) – combining the expert sushi master with Alléno’s pioneering sauces and extractions for a showstopping umami effect – and by 2020, L’Abysse had been awarded two Michelin stars.

The Omakase Menu is priced at GBP 390 per person, available for lunch from 11:45 am and dinner from 7:00 pm on April 26 and 27, 2024. A sake, wine and tea pairing is available at an additional GBP 200 per person.

Tickets are likely to sell fast so book a seat at the counter here.

About Yasunari Okazaki

Born in Tokyo, Chef Yasunari Okazaki followed in the steps of his father (also a sushi chef) and from age 18, honed his craft in Japan, learning the techniques of Kaiseki, the Japanese cuisine, along with the essential concepts of commitment, dedication to the task and perfection of technique. During his career in Japan he met Chef Yannick Alléno, and after a brief visit to France at the beginning of 2017, at the age of 40 he moved to France and began his Parisian story, taking on L’Abysse in Pavilion Ledoyen in 2018. By 2020, the restaurant had been awarded two Michelin stars under his leadership.

About L’Abysse

L'Abysse sushi is a tribute to the miniature monument of world gastronomy, celebrating the delicate and precise art of a deep understanding sushi mastery. Having visited Japan more than 40 times, Chef Yannick Alléno entrusted his passion for the art with exceptional sushi master Yasunari Okazaki, Chef de Cuisine at L’Abysse. Since opening in 2018, the restaurant has gone on to be awarded two Michelin stars for its exceptional cuisine, adding to the stars found within Pavilion Ledoyen, now the most Michelin star-rated independent establishment in the world.