Four Seasons Resort Marrakech Unveils the Millennium Ochre City Log, Paying Tribute to the City of Marrakech

To grace holiday tables, Pastry Chef Anouar Ait Abdelaali reinterprets the ochre walls of Marrakech and the surrounding palm trees in an elegantly shaped Yule log, reminiscent of the iconic architectural lines of the city's ancient ramparts - a treat to be shared with family
November 22, 2023,
Marrakech, Morocco

Crafted by the talented Pastry Chef Anouar Ait Abdelaali, this delightful dessert promises to be the star of the festive season celebrations. Inspired by the ochre walls narrating the millennium-long history of Marrakech, the Ochre City Log at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech is an artistic homage to the Marrakech's heritage.

The delicacy and indulgence of this Yule log unfold through a subtle blend of flavours and textures, taking the taste buds on a warm sensory journey between the smoothness of chocolate, the richness of dates, and the enchanting notes of Moroccan flavours.

Delightfully adorned with a chocolate ganache and delicate caramelized dates, the log offers a symphony of flavours and textures, creating an exquisite sensory journey. Each bite reveals a crispy date biscuit, a divine milk chocolate mousse, zesty bits of candied orange, creamy dates, and a subtle hint of vanilla cream. This culinary masterpiece elegantly combines the sweetness of chocolate, the richness of dates, and the warm notes of vanilla for an unforgettable gourmet experience.

"The Ochre City Log celebrates the flavours of Marrakech by bringing together the essence of our heritage in a delightful dessert. It’s a culinary journey that captures the spirit of the city. Founded in 1070 as the new capital of the Moroccan Empire, Marrakech and its ramparts symbolize the resilience and richness of our heritage. The elaborate design of the log pays homage to the construction methods used to build these ramparts. Just as wooden beams supported the ramparts during their construction, our pastry artisans have created this Yule log with precision and dedication. Palm trees emerge from these walls, evoking the millennium-old palm groves, offering a delightful tribute to the iconic palms of Marrakech," expresses Anouar Ait Abdelaali, Executive Pastry Chef at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech.

Serves six to eight people, MAD 750.  Order 48 hours in advance by calling Four Seasons Resort Marrakech on +212 524 359 200. Limited edition available from December 15 to 31, 2023.