New Silk Lounge Menu: The Best Local Products and Russian Cuisine Delights at Four Seasons Hotel Moscow

October 3, 2019,
Moscow, Russia

Four Seasons Hotel Moscow Sous Chef Ilya Karpaev has debuted the new Silk Lounge menu. While designing the menu, Ilya was driven by two main ideas: using local products and introducing the best Russian cuisine to travellers from all around the world.

Guests can find exciting changes in each section of the new menu. The chef has added a few items to the breakfast options of the menu including a crispy bagel with salmon, cream cheese, capers and rocket. Chef Karpaev believes that his new breakfast special - gold benedict with crab, halibut caviar, homemade pickles and poached egg covered with real gold - will definitely win guests’ hearts and become the most Instagrammable dish this fall. It can be prepared with any of five caviar options: halibut, salmon, pike, beluga or oscietra caviar. To meet the needs of the guests who are on a special diet, Ilya has added gluten free syrniki to the breakfast selections as well.

The Russian section of the menu keeps its bestsellers loved by Silk Lounge guests: Olivier salad, Russian borsch, homemade black angus pelmeni and honey cake. In addition to those, Ilya has added two new starters: a beef jelly with carrots and celery that is served under a milk glaze crisp; and a rabbit pate with toasted bread, potato casserole and onion marmalade.

“Working on the menu, I wanted to use ingredients very well known by every Russian, but to deliver them in a new, unexpected way. For instance, in Silk Lounge our guests can try barley gruel with ceps and parmesan cream,” says Chef Karpaev. “I also wanted to surprise our guests with unusual presentations. So I came up with the idea to shape our fish pelmeni as sweets and serve the beefsteak on a stick just like famous Russian Eskimo ice-cream.”

In addition to Russian dishes, Ilya Karpaev also offers some light vegetarian options: mesclun salad with smoked beetroot and yuzu dressing, and pumpkin cream soup with tofu. The international cuisine section also has new items this season. “We’ve added to the menu a juicy Kentucky burger with crispy chicken. Belgian seafood soup “Waterzooi,” duck bruschetta with mango and our chef’s special – beef tartare that is served in a very original way,” says Angelina Gracheva, Silk Lounge Manager.