Weeknights Reach New Heights at Jean-Georges Philadelphia at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia

August 8, 2023,
Philadelphia, U.S.A.

High above the clouds in the heart of Philadelphia’s vast and vibrant food scene lies an unmatched culinary experience atop Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center. As guests descend the waterfall-encased staircase to Jean-Geroges Philadelphia, Chef de Cuisine Cornelia Sühr and her talented brigade are ready to serve flavourful four and six-course tasting menus every Wednesday through Sunday. Guests can look forward to a rotating, seasonal menu featuring a combination of Chef Jean-Georges’ classics and new culinary creations as they are surrounded by panoramic views of Philadelphia.

A bustling and lively atmosphere on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays - the restaurant’s most popular service days - Jean-Georges Philadelphia offers a unique gastronomic journey for those wishing to take advantage of the experience on weekdays.

Dine in an Intimate and Personalized Setting

Guests wishing for a more intimate and private experience can look forward to weekday dining at Jean-Georges Philadelphia. As the restaurant operates at a lower capacity during the week, diners have the opportunity to savour the flavours of each course. The most curious of connoisseurs and those wishing for an extra personalized service will benefit from possible one-on-one time with Chef Cornelia herself.

Greater Flexibility and Availability

While many secure their favourite dining destinations for Friday and Saturday nights, weekdays offer greater availability and flexibility for reservations. Guests can indulge in thoughtful layers of local flavours, delicious drinks and a guaranteed time to dine without a waitlist.

Look Forward to Weekday Luxury

Set the tone for a week of luxury and opulence with a weekday reservation at Jean-Georges Philadelphia. Couples, families, groups and solo diners are invited to dress their best and prepare for a sophisticated evening with city views, meticulous service and artful dishes. Guests can opt for wine pairings hand-selected by Sommelier Damien Graef or indulge in a specialty vintage from the Champagne cart. An ordinary evening will turn extraordinary at the 59th-floor destination.

To secure a dining experience at Jean-Georges Philadelphia, click here or call 215 419 5059.