Ensuring Authenticity Alongside Exceptional Taste

Pudong, Shanghai, China

In creating just the right taste to deliver the ideal experience, authenticity is just as important as quality and expertise. Shàng-Xí at Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai prides itself on serving dishes that not only thrill the tastebuds but bring all of your senses the genuine feeling of the cuisine's origin.

With Jay Yang as Shàng-Xí's Senior Dim Sum Chef, the select Cantonese menu is bursting with quality, flavour and authenticity. Born and raised with the culinary background of Cantonese cuisine, in Guangdong, and with more than 15 years working in the top professional kitchens of the region, Jay's work and life is all about perfecting dim sum.

Traditional steamed ha gau shrimp dumplings with bamboo shoots are Shàng-Xí's signature dim sum. When talking shrimp dumplings, size does matter — ours are large, juicy and a joy to eat. Simply put, they are a "must try."

Baked oat bun, Hong Kong style, is Chef Jay's personal favourite dim sum of his childhood. A delicate pastry crust, made with milk cream, is generously filled with healthy oats and a homemade sauce, resulting in the peak of savoury and sweet coming together.

Deep-fried taro puff is finished with a complex and sophisticated cooking method. Chef Jay calls upon his skills and experience to ensure the crisp and tempting delicacy.

Deep-fried puff with dried shrimps and minced pork is an authentic rendition of the local food of Chef Jay's hometown. It's a sticky sweet skin, filled with exquisitely tasty mushrooms.

Shrimp wontons in superior broth is another classic dim sum made famous by the Guangdong region. Chef Jay focuses on sourcing and selecting premium ingredients to pair the wontons perfectly with their flavourful soup, full of secret ingredients to create the most moreish result.

When you are in the mood to enjoy the wealth of Cantonese cuisine's savoury pleasures, find true authenticity alongside exceptional taste at Shàng-Xí.