Modern Japanese Dishes and Sushi Bar Delight Inside Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

June 16, 2023,
Los Angeles, Westlake Village, U.S.A.

Onyx, the modern Japanese Restaurant and sushi bar located inside Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, serves the classics with a twist.  

Led by Chef Jesus Medina, Onyx pairs the highest quality of ingredients to deliver harmonious flavours. The inventive Japanese menu features nigiri sushi and sashimi made to order, as well as traditional hot menu items, unique cocktails, and sake selection. 

Onyx welcomes Hotel guests and community locals to its casual yet refined space. Guests can enjoy intimate seating in the wood adorned booths, lively conversations at Onyx’s communal table or get close to the action at the lively sushi bar backdropped by a 2,000-gallon (9,000 litre) saltwater fish tank.  Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5:00 to 10:00 pm.

For reservations dial 818 575 3000 or click here.  

Sushi Bar (price per one piece) 

  • Hon Maguro bluefin tuna, nikiri USD 8 
  • Maguro toro zuke aburi, black truffle USD 14  
  • Chutoro bluefin toro, paddlefish caviar, chives USD 9 
  • Toro, bluefin USD 12 
  • Unagi freshwater eel, sesame seed, scallions, USD 7  
  • Madai red snapper, lime kosho, shiso leaf USD 7 
  • Kanpachi amberjack, chive paste, finger lime USD 7 
  • Hotate, scallop, lime kosho USD 7 
  • Uni sea urchin, osetra caviar USD 10 
  • Ebi shrimp USD 6 
  • Hamachi yellowtail, ponzu, scallions USD 7 
  • Sake king salmon, avocado, chives, ikura USD 7 
  • Ikura salmon roe, shiso, scallions USD 6 
  • Kobe striploin, black truffle USD 12 
  • Smoked oyster, miso butter, caviar, dill USD 12 
  • Tamago, maple glazed, chives USD  8 
  • Nigiri Moriwase 6 pieces nigiri tasting USD 32 

Hand Rolls

  • Kyuri, cucumber USD 7 
  • Kani, snow crab, kewpie, green onions USD 12 
  • Negi Toro, scallions USD 18 
  • Spicy Tekka, spicy tuna USD 12  


  • Melon, tomato, shiso, basil, yuzu syrup USD 14 
  • Cucumber sunomono, pickled cucumber, sesame seed USD 12 
  • Crispy Brussel Sprouts, tonkatsu sauce, kewpie aioli, bonito flakes USD 15 
  • Milk Bread Toast, toro, uni, chives USD 21 
  • Rice chicharron, big eye tuna, green onions, watermelon radish, avocado, osetra Caviar USD 19 
  • Potato Chips with yellowtail, yuzu aioli, trout roe, parmesan cheese USD 20 
  • Scallop crudo, shiro dashi, citrus, shiso, olive oil USD 21 
  • Cured Yellow tail, tepache ponzu, avocado, finger lime, green onion USD 20    


  • Grilled Kama, cilantro fish sauce USD 27 
  • Grilled Seared Scallop, saikyo miso butter, pickled kohlrabi USD 32   
  • Chicken karaage, sansho pepper, garlic aioli USD 32  
  • Wagyu Katsu sandwich, tonkatsu sauce USD 45