Crafted by Experts, Inspired by Home: The Story of Butcher & Still’s Legendary Cherry Pie

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

In the culinary world, chef’s most ambitious challenges are those where they take on iconic dishes from the kitchens of mothers and grandmothers. In the lore of American cuisine and pop culture, no dessert is more widely recognised than the cherry pie. It is with this reverence that Restaurant Chef Marshall Roth sought to elevate the dessert and bring it to the UAE’s capital at Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island.

Our Cherry Pie

Widely regarded as the cherry capital of the world, The Great Lakes and the area around them provide almost 75 percent of the United States’ cherries. It is this abundance that created a love for this sweet ingredient. At our 1920s Chicago steakhouse Butcher & Still, American Chef Marshall Roth brings this to life. On creating the perfect cherry pie, he says, “We want to honour traditions by ensuring this brings back the nostalgia of your Midwestern grandmother’s kitchen. The flavours we create should unlock childhood memories. Everything is done the old-fashioned way. Our crust is using homemade butter and is hand-rolled. The cherries are sourced at the peak of freshness. What elevates it for Four Seasons is the fact that Executive Pastry Chef Rasika Mahina and I obsess over the small details. We spent months making sure the dough was light and flaky, that the amarena and morello cherries we use offer the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, and that the presentation was larger than life. It is your grandmother’s pie but with the drama and flair that our guests love.”

Make It a la Mode

The signature topping to our cherry pie, even the vanilla ice cream has a story at Butcher & Still. America’s long-standing obsession with the creamy treat began in the Prohibition, when breweries and distilleries became ice cream manufacturers. Bartenders even began working in ice cream parlours and soda fountains. Our small-batch ice cream elevates the humble treat with the knowledge of Four Seasons pastry chefs to provide the perfect creamy complement to the sweetness and tartness of the cherries used in the pie.

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