“Me Time” Made Perfect at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

With an array of bespoke destination, cultural, and wellness experiences on offer, our Resort presents an intimate haven for solo travel

Chiang Mai, Thailand

As the cultural and spiritual heart of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a truly enchanting escape for those looking to unwind and recharge. Its storied past of cultural significance is juxtaposed against a vibrant food, arts, and craft scene, offering travel itineraries where visitors can truly feel the pulse of all that Thailand has to offer. Situated north of the city centre, in the idyllic Mae Rim Valley, the sanctuary-like setting of Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, overlooking emerald paddies and misty mountains, serves as the perfect base to explore, get creative and go on a journey of self-discovery. “The hashtag #solotravel has seen almost a tenfold increase in the past three years,” observes Sean Mosher, General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Tented Camp Golden Triangle, “Our range of experiences focused on living a life in balance – be it active, meditative or spiritual – offer a perfect itinerary for those looking to get comfortable with spending time alone, focusing on their inward journey.”

My Wellbeing

“Your well-being is our priority. We invite you to immerse yourself in our tailored programs that promise restorative healing. The Guided Relaxation and Meditation help find balance, inner stillness, boost positivity and confidence – a great way to slow the mind down and find a sense of purpose,” shares Saowapa Thumapun, Director of Spa. The healing power of sound therapy and synchronised vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls create a unique tonal rhythm that has immense harmonizing qualities. “This experience is especially powerful during a full moon,” suggests Thumapun. Harnessing the combined benefits of Thailand’s rich natural bounty with its unique massage techniques, Wara Cheewa Spa’s signature rituals are crafted to pamper the body and nourish the skin. Adding a touch of luxury to the spa menu, 111SKIN’s range of facial treatments including Harley Street and Celestial Black Diamond are designed to restore radiance and refresh the skin.

Culinary Adventures

Travelling solo provides an exciting opportunity to make personal cuisine choices and the Cooking Class at Rim Tai Kitchen sets the stage for an interactive session with the chef instructor and explores the intricacies of Thai cuisine. Besides northern Thai classics such as Khao Soi Gai and Sai Ua from the stellar menu at Khao by Four Seasons, the Resort also recommends Michelin Guide-listed local restaurants for their culinary excellence, such as the Ginger Farm Kitchen, which champions farm-to-table dining, and the Riverside Bar & Restaurant, which features stunning waterfront vistas. “However, there is no better place for sundown cocktails than Ratree Bar,” grins Anthony Tschudin, Resort Manager. “As the sun dips across the horizon, our farmers make their way through the paddy fields in a unique ceremony with songs and gongs – a memorable way to end the day.”

Slow Living

Traditional Thai handicrafts are an important part of the Lanna heritage, and the Resort’s Chaan Baan offers fascinating workshops for guests who would like to try their hand at tie-and-dye, pottery, Saa paper making and other local arts. The highlight of the Resort’s wellbeing offering is Soulful Awakening, where guests can consult with the Resort’s team of wellness experts and spa practitioners for private sessions to create a holistic wellness program that suits their individual needs. “This experience combines restorative yoga, wellness meals, monk chats, spa treatments, as well as special sleep-inducing amenities in a comprehensive wellness program that has long lasting benefits,” recommends Thumapun.

Exploring Chiang Mai

Asa safe haven for travellers, the destination provides rich heritage and picturesque rural landscapes within proximity to the Resort. Whether it is a coffee plantation in the hills, or a ritualistic tea service at Araksa Tea Room, the excursions from the Resort can be mapped with the help of the concierge team to suit the mood. “Nimmanhaemin Road and the old city boast a plethora of charming cafes such as Graph and Skugga that serve aromatic brews from locally sourced beans. Whether you prefer a cozy atmosphere or trendy urban vibes, you will find a cafe to suit your taste,” remarks Tschudin. Home to some of Thailand's most famous temples, Mae Rim valley is dotted with majestic spires and stupas each displaying exquisite architecture and profound spiritual significance. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Umong Temple, Wat Chedi Luang, and Wat Phra Singh are just a few examples of stunning temples within easy reach of the Resort.

Fitness enthusiasts will enjoy the biking Tour De Mae Rim, a guided exploration of the charming rural landscape. The half-day Doi Suthep and Monthatharn Waterfall Trek cuts through a national park to some spectacular viewpoints with exceptional birdwatching opportunities enroute. For those who prefer a bird’s eye view of Chiang Mai, the magical hot air balloon tour glides over the expansive valley dotted with ancient temples and carpeted with terraced rice paddies.

Chiang Mai is also a Mecca for retail therapy with its riveting night markets, local craft bazaars, and wealth of art and pottery and clothing studios, all churning out exceptional merchandise. “From heritage and handicrafts to wellness and wanderlust, Chiang Mai has it all covered,” says Mosher. “What we offer is a stunning tropical setting that resonates well with women travellers, who enjoy the finesse of a Four Seasons stay, with the elevated dining and immersive cultural experiences.”

Discover the art of solo travel with Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai – where every experience is an intimate dialogue with the spirit of Thailand. Connect with us at to craft your personalized escape, or chat real-time through the FS Chat App.