Embrace Sakura Splendour: Four Seasons Japan Collection Curates Unforgettable Cherry Blossom Escapes

Discover the magic of cherry blossoms with special room packages, tailored experiences and sakura-themed offerings with Four Seasons in Kyoto and Tokyo
January 12, 2024,
Tokyo, Japan

As the cherry blossoms herald the arrival of spring in Japan, Four Seasons Japan Collection invites travellers to immerse themselves in the visual and cultural richness of sakura season in Kyoto and Tokyo. With a range of special offerings and experiences, guests can embark on a captivating journey guided by the expertise of Four Seasons.

“Sakura season offers an unrivalled backdrop for moments of discovery, connection and joy. Our guests can witness the sublime beauty of cherry blossoms while indulging in the luxurious comforts and unique cultural experiences that only Four Seasons can offer,” says Andrew Debrito, Regional Vice President.

The Advance Purchase Offers, available at all three Four Seasons hotels, present an opportunity for travellers to enjoy up to 20 percent savings on Room Rates when booking in advance. View details and make reservations at the following links:

Families visiting Japan during this time will find ample opportunities to share in the wonders of sakura season together. From experiencing the traditional Japanese custom of hanami (cherry blossom appreciation) guided by knowledgeable Four Seasons staff, to personalized sakura-viewing itineraries designed by the Concierge, guests can tailor their experiences to create cherished memories with loved ones.

Discovering Sakura in Kyoto

In the heart of the ancient capital, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto celebrates the season with its 800-year-old heritage pond garden bursting into bloom with 29 cherry trees. This glorious scene forms the backdrop for the Sakura Afternoon Tea at Fuju lounge, while a bouquet of seasonal cocktails awaits at The Lounge & Bar.

Revel in a truly immersive Sakura experience with the Hanami Suite Package, introducing special perks and savings. Guests can soak up splendid sakura views from the private balcony of their first-floor Residential Suite. They also enjoy special access to a private courtyard overlooking the cherry blossom trees in the pond garden — the perfect spot for an intimate hanami experience. This package includes an in-suite Sakura Afternoon Tea, a sakura sweets gift box, and a bottle of Champagne.

Guests staying at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto enjoy unfettered access to several spectacular cherry blossom viewing spots situated within 15 minutes of the Hotel, including the resplendent gardens of Chishakuin Temple and the weeping cherry blossoms of Sannengzaka.

At this contemporary oasis, guests can join traditional tea ceremonies, sake tastings and other immersive rituals, providing a deeper insight into Kyoto’s remarkable heritage. Additionally, explore a selection of unique wellness experiences such as yoga by the pond, forest bathing therapy, and self-guided meditation in the balcony.

Experiencing Sakura in Tokyo

Sakura season in Tokyo reveals varied perspectives of the mesmerizing capital, presented across two distinct Four Seasons locales. Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi, situated near Tokyo Station, promises a boutique adventure, while Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi boasts panoramic views of the Imperial Palace Gardens, the city skyline, and even Mount Fuji on clear spring days.

Guests at both locations enjoy convenient access to Tokyo’s renowned cherry blossom viewing spots, including the Imperial Palace Gardens, the Meguro River, and the spellbinding Chidori-ga-fuchi, where visitors can explore illuminated tunnels of flowers via rowboat after dusk.

At Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi, onsite themed experiences provide a new level of immersion. With the Blossoms in My Room offer, guests can marvel at the magic of sakura in their very own room, adorned with cherry blossoms. Over at VIRTÙ, raise a glass to night-time flower viewing with glimmering cocktail inspired by sakura blossoms. Relish the refreshing Someiyoshino, which combines cherry blossom liqueur, sake and citrus with the renowned sticky rice of Akita town and premium rice shochu.

In the healing environs of THE SPA, guests can revitalize their senses with the Sakura Purity Enhancement treatment. Begin with a therapeutic foot bath, followed by a full-body massage with fragrant sakura oil. The soothing warmth of rose quartz melts away stiffness and tension, leaving the body remarkably supple. Using volcanic basalt rocks to warm the feet and cold jade for facial massage, this treatment harnesses the healing properties of crystals for a truly invigorating experience during the springtime bloom.

At Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi, guests will find a distinctly different selection of seasonal experiences. Served in the sunlit setting of MAISON MARUNOUCHI, the Flower Afternoon Tea takes guests on a sensory journey through blooms and blossoms around the world. The limited-time menu features a repertoire of flower-inspired delicacies, including the Sakura & Matcha Choux from Japan and other international sweets.

The Hotel also offers springtime specials such as Sakura Pudding and Mille-Feuille. Delight in these decadent desserts infused with the delicate flavour of cherry blossoms, offering a taste of the season’s essence. At The Spa Boutique, embrace the spirit of sakura with handcrafted Four Seasons bears dressed in hanami-themed outfits. The perfect way to celebrate the sakura season, these cuddly companions make for charming souvenirs.

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