Sleep Well with Four Seasons Japan Collection

Experience the art of restful slumber, perfected by Four Seasons

Tokyo, Japan

Rediscover the joy of a good night’s rest with Four Seasons Japan Collection. Building on the coveted Four Seasons sleep experience, each Hotel offers curated rituals and bespoke amenities for soul-deep relaxation.

“Japan is an endlessly intriguing destination, with so much to explore and discover. Between immersive adventures out in the city, we invite our guests to unwind and rejuvenate within the privacy and comfort of their own rooms,” says Andrew De Brito, Regional Vice President.

Now is the perfect time to plan a sojourn across the twin capitals of Japan. In the modern metropolis of Tokyo, two distinct experiences await: Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi is a boutique urban retreat situated just steps from Tokyo Station and stylish Ginza, while Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi is a vibrant sky-high sanctuary with a fresh perspective on the city’s dynamic energy. In the ancient capital, meanwhile, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto offers an enchanting garden haven, draped in history and artistry.

Sweet Dreams Start Here

Although vital for wellbeing and happiness, a good night’s rest can be elusive. Known for its famously comfortable sleep experience, Four Seasons is committed to creating the perfect slumber for guests.

With each room envisioned as a restful retreat, the centrepiece is the world-renowned Four Seasons Bed. The custom-designed mattress boasts exclusive temperature regulation technology and three unique topper options for the ultimate in personally selected comfort.

The eight-inch pocket of the “Issy Fold” gives toes plenty of room to breathe, while 300-thread-count Dobby Sateen cotton sheets bring a luxurious softness. Add a plush duvet and four pillows per bed and guests find themselves on cloud nine, floating above the cares of the world. Thoughtful turndown service sets the stage for blissful sleep – keep an eye out for local surprises and personal touches.

Sky-High Slumber at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi

An extensive Pillow Menu, available upon request, offers a highly personalized sleep experience. Opt for an extra-firm feel with contoured TEMPUR-Neck Pillows, or choose head-to-toe ease with supportive airfiber. Urethane offers superior comfort and relieves neck pain, while mouldable buckwheat pillows provide excellent temperature control. Guests may also request a body pillow for comfort, support and pressure relief throughout the night. The menu includes hypoallergenic and horsehair pillows, suitable for those with allergies and night sweats respectively.

Guests can also experience the healing benefits of two original Sleep Playlists, available through the Hotel’s Spotify profile. Curated by Bellosound in collaboration with Director of Spa and Wellness Faraaz Tanveer, these musical selections are a wonderful way to elevate wellness in the comfort of your room, with the ease of a scanned QR code and Bluetooth resident speaker. Choose from Deep Sleep (ambient sleep music with a soothing and therapeutic effect) and Frequencies (a seamless blend of white noise, pink noise and nature sounds).

Looking for a deeper sleep? THE SPA also offers Deep Sleep Rituals. Combined with NEOM Sleep Body Oil, prepare for a restful night with blend of 19 essential oils: English lavender calms both mind and body, coupled with sweet basil and heady jasmine for potent sleep, the 60-minute treatment soothes tension at the head, neck, shoulders and back to activate the parasympathetic “lulling” response, whereas the 90-minute treatment includes a warm clay pack placed on the sacral area to promote deep muscular release, remove swelling and promote detoxification.

Afterwards, sip traditional kuromoji tea, known for its relaxing effects and uniquely refreshing taste. The kuromoji plant has long been used in Japanese herbal medicine as a powerful natural soother and sedative.

Deep Sleep Rituals Treatment - 60 minutes JPY 36,700 / 90 minutes JPY 46,900

Blissful Bath Ritual at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi                           

Ease into a restful evening with an indulgent bathing experience, available upon request. An eco bamboo bathtub caddy holds bathing favourites such as books and beverages, while a curation of essential oils and bath salts help guests transition from the excitement of the day into a state of tranquillity. Lean back on the plush bath pillow, serenaded by relaxing music from the waterproof speaker and the soft glow of floating lights. Guests can extend their bathing ritual with a visit to the Hotel’s wet-spa facilities, including a steam sauna, jet showers and a traditional onsen (hot spring) bath. The mineral hot springs contain radium, which relaxes the body while also boosting the immune system – ideal for treating the fatigue of a long journey.

SPA - Relieve the stress and tension of everyday urban life with one of our holistic full-body experiences. Guest can experience the sheer pleasure of this customised spa massage such as using seaweed gel or baobab oil. The legendary baobab tree is known as the tree of life for its ability to live a thousand years or more.

Self-Meditation Journey at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

Guests staying in guest rooms with balconies receive Zazen self-meditation kits upon request. Designed by a Zen monk from Kennin-ji Temple in Gion, each kit contains within it a journey of serenity. Begin by lighting the natural incense stick from Shoyeido, a traditional incense-maker based in Kyoto. Allow the fragrance of green grass to gently refresh the spirit, then ring the orin bell thrice to calm the mind with its clear tones.

The self-meditation guide, which is based on the Zen method of meditation, guides guests through exercises in mindfulness, from adjusting posture to breathwork. These simple practices align and attune mind, body and soul, creating a state of overall harmony – ideal for a perfect night’s sleep.