Four Seasons Hotel Madrid Included in Prestigious International 50 Best Discovery Guide

50 Best Discovery is part of 50 Best, a global benchmark for finding the most exciting hotel experiences worldwide
February 5, 2024,
Madrid, Spain

After being placed at #24 in The World’s 50 Best Hotels 2023, Four Seasons Hotel Madrid continues to receive national and international recognition by being included on the 50 Best Discovery list, a prestigious international guide made up by a broad selection of restaurants, bars and hotels all over the world aimed at demanding consumers in search of outstanding experiences.

The Hotel has already received more than 14 important national and international prizes and awards in reflection of the joint effort, dedication and unwavering commitment from an extraordinary team that works hard every day to offer excellence, a hallmark of this prestigious hotel brand.

50 Best Discovery provides an interesting database for finding places to eat and drink, serving as an extension of the annual restaurant and bar classification that forms part of 50 Best. Every venue that has been included in the guide has received votes from the experts who draw up the various 50 Best guides. Together, they make up a broad range of recommended restaurants, bars and hotels that offer everything from local experiences and emerging talent to haute cuisine restaurants and bars.

To be eligible for inclusion in the 50 Best Discovery, a restaurant or bar must receive a significant number of votes in the most recent round of voting for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, The World’s 50 Best Bars, The World’s 50 Best Hotels or appear in one of its annual regional classifications. Under no circumstances can a venue simply ask to be included in the guide. The various academies of The 50 Best are made up by international experts in the food and beverage and travel sectors, ranging from gastronomy critics and chefs to writers and even experienced luxury travellers. The team at Four Seasons Hotel Madrid is extremely proud to form part of this new and prestigious international guide backed by The 50 Best seal of quality.