Of Andalusian Origin: Show Cooking in Which Dani García Pays Tribute to His Homeland on Andalusia Day at Four Seasons Hotel Madrid

On the seventh floor of Four Seasons Hotel Madrid from 8:00 pm on February 28, chef Dani García will present his own personal tribute to the land where he grew up with a special menu entitled “Of Andalusian Origin,” which he will cook live from the central bar at Dani Brasserie to the sound of rumba flamenca music in the background
February 14, 2024,
Madrid, Spain

With the incredible beauty that spills out from all its narrow streets, the peace and quiet to be enjoyed in every one of its quaint squares and the unequalled power that reigns supreme at its Flamenco venues, it would be unimaginable to disagree with the singer-songwriter from Granada, Carlos Cano, when he said “Andalusia should be presented, cultivated and supported at every level.” Chef Dani García has adopted the words of that famous artist and, to celebrate Andalusia Day, will dedicate a menu to his homeland during a showcooking event from the central bar at Dani Brasserie.

From 8:00 pm on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, the seventh floor of Four Seasons Hotel Madrid will be decorated with the traditional Andalusian polka dots while the chef from Malaga highlights the best from the south in a live cooking event alongside Ismael Paul, head chef at the brasserie, with a special ten-course menu entitled “Of Andalusian Origin” while rumba flamenca music is performed in the background.

After a selection of aperitifs, the ajoblanco malagueño with herring caviar, grapes and smoked sardine will open this incredible tribute and be followed by thin raw slices of scarlet shrimp from Huelva enhanced with white truffle, honey and Payoyo cheese. The third course will consist of a version of the iconic Tomate Nitro with a citrus yellow gazpacho, winkle salad sea snails. This will be followed by the crochet hake and a fifth dish inspired by the intense nature of tradition in Cadiz: a Rota jus with crab and blue Payoyo cheese. Next will come the rice with morcilla blood sausage from Ronda and razor clams, followed by whiting from Marbella with cauliflower and a citrus gazpachuelo. The eighth course is dedicated to lovers of the sea and will consist of a glazed tuna with celeriac and truffles. Diners will enjoy the almond and orange sponge for a final touch, as well as the combination of bacon with mango and Payoyo cheese for the tenth and final course.

Every dish on this menu forms part of a show at the bar, the most perfect of places to enjoy Dani García in action. You will need to book in advance to take part in this very special evening (by e-mail only to Twenty-three spaces will be available at the central bar in the restaurant, as well as ten spaces on another shared table. On this occasion and given that several staggered sittings will be available from 8:00 to 9:00 pm, Dani García will be able to offer a personalised and unique experience to the guests.

For those unable to get a space for this experience, the brasserie will still be open as usual for its à la carte dinner service from 7:00 pm.


  • Calle de Sevilla, 3, 28014 Madrid
  • From 8:00 pm
  • EUR 255 per person with optional pairing for EUR 105 per person