Dani Brasserie Presents “1 Day, 1 Iconic Dish”: A New Concept That Redefines the Excellence of its Famous Lunches at Four Seasons Hotel Madrid

From the seventh floor of Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, Dani García is welcoming 2024 with a new gastronomy adventure at lunchtimes from Monday to Friday that enables guests to enjoy a different one of the most iconic dishes by the chef each day in a two- or three-course meal that changes daily

January 12, 2024,
Madrid, Spain

To celebrate the first anniversary of the iconic Dani's Set Lunch Menu, the seventh floor of Four Seasons Hotel Madrid promises to elevate the most special lunches in the capital through new daily gastronomy adventures entitled “1 Day, 1 Iconic Dish.”

The new concept has been created to satisfy the most demanding but also busiest of palates who, with limited time to enjoy their lunch, still demand the highest levels of excellence. With that in mind, from January 15, 2024 Dani Brasserie will offer a two- or three-course (chosen by the guest) set daily menu for a 45-minute culinary experience that is exclusively available Monday to Friday. To guarantee a dynamic experience, this new concept will rotate daily so as to offer a different one of the most iconic dishes from Chef Dani García’s career each day.

The adventure will begin on Monday with the delicious roast leek, crochet hake and, for dessert, the Tout Chocolat. Tuesday will bring the fascinating combination of red tuna and stracciatella, oxtail ravioli and the restaurant’s flagship dessert: the Andalusian Freshness. Converting the mid-week point into the home of gourmet, Wednesday will offer the famous guacamole followed by a juicy Rossini hamburger and crêpes suzette finished at the table to conclude the feast. The daily delicacies continue on Thursday with the iconic Tomate Nitro, the creamy risotto and the dessert creation by Dani García made with butter and Baileys: the Tipsy Cake. Finally, the menu on Friday will close out the week in the best way possible with the Caesar salad, the grilled Barbate tuna steak and a surprising “non-classical” interpretation of the torrija.

With its new “1 Day, 1 Iconic Dish” philosophy, Dani Brasserie adds its own touch of excellence to quick lunches and adapts far more meaningfully to the fast-paced life of urbanites with the busiest agendas, offering exceptional value for money.


  • Calle de Sevilla, 3, 28014 Madrid
  • Lunch Menu: Monday to Friday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm
  • Pricing: Two courses, EUR 35 per person; three courses, EUR 41 per person
  • Reservations: 913 30 62 10